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Last name and student number2World War IIIntroductionThe World War II is known as one of the most destructive incidents in the history. It wasmainly the global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945 and it also consisted of the strongestcountries with most prominent and powerful powers and individuals. Furthermore, it is alsoknown as one of the most deadly wars in the entire history and it consisted of more than 30countries. It was mainly started with the 1939 Nazi Invasion in the Poland and then the warwas dragged which took a bad and destructive shape. However, this particular essay will beanalysing primary and secondary sources in this particular topic.BodyPrimary sourcesSource 1The writer highlighted the fact that World War II is one of the most deadly wars in the entirehistory and I also agree with this statement as it destroyed a lot of lives as well as other thingsthat took a lot of years to recover1. On the other hand, it has been also argued that thehighlights of that period are not only vital historical data but some of the opportunities for anappraisal of the previous time for the conjectures for the upcoming years. The document isthe research paper and the source is trying to argue that the World War II has beendevastating effects on the people and the writer also argued that although the war took placebetween Germany and Japan but other nations were also involved.1Withers, Harry. Summary of World War II.Southwest Review(2010): 101-107
Last name and student number3The passage is mainly written by Harry C. Withers and the writer has a strong relationshipwith the subject matter. Yes, it is a credible source. This source tries to inform us about whatexactly happened in the World War II mainly the summary of the war. It informed that thisparticular war in the Canadian history plays an important role as Canada’s place in the worldis much bigger than it was before due to this war. However, the war mainly took placebecause Germany and Japan wanted something important that belonged mainly to the othercountries. Canada’s role in the World War II was quite vital I personally feel as the country’srole became one of the defences with regards to the British Isles. On the other hand, it can bealso argued that there was also small force of Canadian Force that arrived in the Hong Kongfor meeting the Japanese invasion and they also fought well with the Hong Kong, Indian, aswell as the British forces in defence of the colony. It can be also argued that there were someof the Canadian Units that played important role in the liberation in terms of the Netherlandswhile there were other countries that went for participating in the Battle of Germany.Source 2The World War II as per the writer was quite different from the other wars that took place tilldate. The war was mainly against Nazi Germany in the case of extreme.This is the document that is article and source is also trying to argue that this war wasdifferent as per the writer most of the wars only involved bloodshed, soldiers and destroyingeverything but this war was even more than this. From the personal point of view it can beargued that this war was different as lot of countries and powers were involved in this as itnot only destroyed property or killed people but also cause some of the far-reachingalterations than any other war in history.Canada played an important role in this specific war as per my knowledge it can be arguedthat it entered the war as per their free will and then the country realized that the Nazi
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