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Leadership and Management Concepts

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Added on  2022-12-28

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This document discusses the roles and characteristics of a leader and a manager in the context of business operations and management. It explores different theories and models of approach, such as situational leadership, system management, and contingency leadership. Additionally, it examines key approaches to operations management, including total quality management, and highlights the role of leaders and managers in diverse situational contexts.

Leadership and Management Concepts

   Added on 2022-12-28

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Leadership and
Management Concepts
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Operations and management signified as a process of a business which enables in achieving
great level of efficiency and productivity in the organisation. It is an action and activity in which
raw material is converted in to a finished good and a service within the enterprise with the aim of
enhancing profitability margin and productivity (Bush, Bell and Middlewood, 2019). It supports
in maintain the balance among cost and profit of particular action in the management of business
venture. It monitors as a managerial action which consider several things such as planning,
organising, leading and managing different things in the management. For the accomplishment
of this assessment, Marks & Spencer is considered. It is a British multinational retailer which is
headquartered in London, England and specialises in selling clothing, home commodities and
food items, mostly of its own label. This written document will discuss about the roles and
responsibilities of leader and manager in order to accomplish business goals, in different
situational context and management of venture. Along with this, different theories, key
approaches to operation management and the factors in the business environment that impact
decision making of leaders and managers will also define.
P1. Explain and contrast the different role and characteristics of a leader and a manager
Definition of leader- A leader can signify as someone who encourage and encourage a unit of
humans that will done their assigned work in effective manner as hit the set target in provided
time frame. They aid the people in placing imaginative and prescient so that after they perform in
team in effective manner. They influence teammates with the help of their motivational skills in
order that goal of the crew work and group mission acquire and achieve in appropriate manner.
Definition of manager- A supervisor is an person who is the in-rate of a team of humans to
perform a selected mission and challenge with the organisation (Adams, 2018). A supervisor
gives wished belongings and statistics to employees with a purpose to carry out in right manner
as well as achieve business goal in amended way.
Roles of a Leader- The clarification of various roles of a leader inside an established order are
defined as below:
Setting imaginative and prescient and assignment- It is fundamental characteristic of a
frontrunner. In M&S, while the company set up any business goal then chief comprise vision and
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task to people who execute in a set in order to have proper statistics and absolutely aware with
the motive of the enterprise and perform their in path of feat of it on time.
Motivation- When personnel of a firm execute in a task then they need motivation and
notion so we can do their work with more performance (Figueroa and et. Al., 2019). Therefore,
through making use of the pleasant and ability of motivation leader pay an essential position in
term of encouraging employees thru organising periods etc. So that they could feel stimulated
and carry out their assignment in important shape.
Roles (Function) of manger- There are severa roles which are finished by means of a
supervisor, a good way to M&S, a few roles of administrator are defined as below:
Planning- In it, the administrator of M&S can make or body plan and regulations in
context of particular assignment and work so that the aim of that venture may be acheive in
suitable manner with the aid of assembly the task necessities.
Organising- It is every other feature wherein supervisor play an critical role by using
engaging in training and improvement programmes. So that workers of the firm could make
enhancement in their talents and talents as well as carry out their task and assigned
responsibilities in better shape.
Controlling- Within this function, the manager of M&S can make control and manage the
task as well as business activities or operations by designing effective plans and strategies so that
it manages the quality of work and to be completed in appropriate manner.
Directing- By developing plans and policies, the administrator of M&S can lead workers of
the firm so that they can do their work in adequate and appropriate manner through making
consideration on all the need of the task.
Characteristics of a leader- In context of M&S, the characteristics of an amazing leader are
defined as underneath:
Ability to face challenges- It is the principle ability and attribute of leader and with this
an effective chief is always geared up to cope with troubles and confronts with the self belief
(Matthews and et. Al., 2018). They do no longer have any type of worry of the approaching
issues inside the task.
Leadership ability and advantageous attitude- A true chief constantly motivates and
leads its teammates to be able to carry out nicely in the challenge and work thus which they're
executing concerning accomplishment of its desires and goals.
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