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Saving the Business Without Losing the Company | Renault and Nissan

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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Running Head: Leadership and Teamwork[TYPE THE COMPANY NAME]Leadership and Teamwork
Leadership and Teamwork1IntroductionSaving the Business without Losing the Company and what makes an effective executive are twodifferent articles that represent significant understanding about the strategic initiatives and thecapabilities which make person successful in their life. Both articles give us efficientunderstanding which can be utilized further in taking initiatives regarding our career. In thisreport, we will discuss our learning which we learn from reading the assigned articles, video onCarlos Ghosn, lectures, and presentations. Both articles are effective and play an important rolein providing knowledge regarding the leadership and teamwork. They define us how one shouldplay a leadership role in turning the situation of the organization and also gives us significantknowledge about different competencies which required an executive during decision making(Galegher, 2014). Both articles prove very beneficial and helpful in making day to day decision.Saving the Business without Losing the CompanySummaryThe given article is about situations of two companies which are Renault and Nissan. It definesthe steps of the Carlos Ghosn which are taken to improve the situation of the Nissan. Bothcompanies merged together to fulfil the needs of each other. Nissan's strength in America fillsthe gap for Renault; on the other hand, Renault's cash reduced Nissan mountain debt. Bothorganizations comfortably fill the demands of each other. The article gives us knowledge aboutthe different steps of Carlos Ghosn taken for improving the profitability of the Nissan. He takesvarious initiatives like develop the cross-culture team and different programs related to incentive
Leadership and Teamwork2and compensation of employees. All these steps help him in getting success as per his desire. Atlast, he turns the situation in a profitable manner. He changes the loss situation in profitable.Personal LearningThe first thing which I learnt here is the concept of management which is not limited to only themanagement of people. But, management is the concept of imposing employees does suchfunctions which they cannot do (West, 2012). This gives me knowledge about how we can takework from the employees. Apart of this, after learning the given article, I learnt the importanceof brand power in earning profit. If an organization doesn’t have the brand power, it is not able tocope with existing challenges and required to shut down soon. According to my viewpoint, thefirst priority of Carlos Ghosn should be to establish its brand image in the existing countries andthe other countries. This can be done through advertisement and large public access.Furthermore, I also learnt more how one can successfully bring changes in the functioning of anorganization. Change is an important process which is continuously working as per changes inthe environment. I learnt about the different strategic initiatives which help us in bringingsignificant changes in the organization without facing any resistance from employees (Cooke,2016). Nissan engaged in producing a single car from 10 years, due to which its demand in themarket declined continuously. According to me, the organization should focus more on researchand development with which it can come with innovative ideas which can further implement inthe production of innovative cars. I also learn that how important innovation is because on thebasis of innovation one organization can lead the whole market and can also get the monopolypower which further helps in earning a large profit (Aaker, 2012). It gives me understandingabout how we can tackle the pressure situation where we have only two ways do and die. Due tothis learning, I will able to face the very risky situation in my near future. Furthermore, I learnt
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