Leadership in the 21st Century


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Leadership in the
21st Century
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Leadership is defined as the manner in which influencing process
is executed so as to attain higher productivity and efficacy as
well. On the other side leadership is known as the power and
capability in which management is setting goals and objective in
manner so that decisive actions can be taken. In 21st century
leadership is not only associated with managing people but also
this is associated with responding to new challenges which are
coming across in business operations.
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Barack Obama was one of the
successful leaders in global
territory as before holding
position of president Obama was a
prolific politician. Obama was
very effective in dealing with their
skills and developing them in
continuous manner so as to get
excellence. He used various
leadership theories in order to
success in his career.
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Key leadership theories
Transformational theory: This
style of leadership is associated
with those leaders in which
leaders are working in order to
bring change and ways to adapt
the same. In his initial tenure of
president he faced so many
controversies on being black-man
but he managed this change and
grab attention of people with the
help of his charismatic personality
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