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People Management Strategy and Human Capital Assignment

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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People Management Debate Group Assignment Page1of7Learning OutcomesThe student should be able to demonstrate:Ability to use systematic understanding and critical evaluation of the humancapital approach to People Management StrategyApply analytical skills and appropriate problem solving techniques togetherwith knowledge learned.DeliverablesThis group assignment represents50%of the total marks for this module.This assignment is divided into 2 parts:Part A - Report (70%)Part B - Debate (30%)The group report length should be3,000words. You should state the number of wordsused on the cover of the assignment. You may include diagrams or figures, reference andbibliography lists and any appendices without word penalty. The standard sliding scaleof penalties for excess length will be imposed. The penalties will be as follows:Instructions“Malaysia faces an exodus of talent. Not only is our education system failing to deliverthe required talent, we have not been able to retain local talent of all races nor attractforeign ones due to poor prospects and a lack of high-skilled jobs."(NEAC, 2010a, p.60).Brain drain,the migration of talent across borders has long been a subject of debate andcontroversy.Of late, it has been openly discussed in the media. For instance, “WithinAsia, the brain drain is most pronounced in South-East Asia”, according to theMalaysiaEconomic Monitor: Brain Drainreleased on Thursday ( toAppendix 1).You are required to analyse the impact of Brain Drain on Human Capital in Malaysiausing a five (5) year study and substantiated with relevant surveys and statistics.______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation2016081 -10% excessno penalty11-20% excess3 marks reduction21-30% excess6 marks reduction31-40% excess9 marks reduction
People Management Debate Group Assignment Page2of7Part A - Report1)You are required to prepare a group report (each group consisting of 3members) analysing the impact of Brain Drain on Human Capital in Malaysiausing a five(5) year comparison/study based on :-i) Magnitude of the Malaysian diaspora and brain drain-analysis on thegroup of skilled and unskilled Malaysian-born women, men andchildren living overseasii) Fundamental drivers of brain drain in Malaysia.iii) The economic impact of brain drain in Malaysiaiv) The overall effect of brain drain on Malaysian human capital base.v) Approaches undertaken towards improving the underlying determinantsof brain drain in Malaysia.2)Researched information should be cited and referenced accurately.3)Each member of the group should fill up the Group Task Report, which statesthe work done and responsibilities held.4)Answer the following questions within the essay: ‘Is brain drain necessarilynegative and what is the overall impact of brain drain on human capital inMalaysia?’Answer the following questions within the essay:Marking CriteriaMarks are awarded based on the following guidelines:-Marking CriteriaMarksAcquisition of knowledge / research30%Application of concepts / theories20%Quality of reasoning / critical analysis20%Total70%______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation201608
People Management Debate Group Assignment Page3of7Part B - DebateA 30 minutes debate (based on the following topic, “Brain Drain helps in the decrease ofhuman capital in Malaysia”) will be held between the groups. Marks will be awardedbased on each individual’s ability to present his/her supporting points/arguments (forinstance; definition, advantages, disadvantages and recommendations). Team work willbe awarded on the basis of the ability of being able to intellectually challenge the pointsof the opposition.You will be assessed on the following:Content(20 marks)Relevant informationAdequate researchAdequate examplesCommunication skills(10 marks)Quality of points presentationQuality of defenceQuality of challenge(Total 30 marks)Additional Information1.You should have a minimum of 5 references to substantiate your research andreport writing.2.You are REQUIRED to use proper referencing methods for this assignment –Harvard Referencing System.3.Report should be well structured and the use of proper headings for topicseparation is encouraged.4.The report must follow the standard academic format:Font:Times New RomanFont Size:12Spacing:1.5______________________________________________________________________________________Level 3Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation201608
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