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End of Course Assessment Lesson PlanLesson Type:Lesson Aims:Level of ClassNumber of studentsLength of lessonMaterialsStageAimTimingInteractionTeacher ActivityStudent Activity1Playing theaudio file5minutesnonenoneListening to the audio1.1Determining thecognitiveabilities10minutesGeneral interactionon the understandingof the contextA short questionnaire with the studentsTransmitting their understandingthough the short questionnaire1.2Pronunciations20minutesDiscussion on thepronunciationsA short session on the pronunciations of thetough sounding words is to be undertaken inorder to make the students have a grip on theessentials of the subject. Citing examples fromthe audio like the pronunciation of Remus whichis a double syllable word Ree+Muhs (rɪ́jməs) orthe Hanover which is Han+oh+vuh (hánəwvə)might help in the proper understanding of thepronunciations.Student participation in thepronunciation session will help inthe clear understanding of thesession contexts.1.3Assessment15minutesA short questionanswer session isundertakenThe teacher undertakes a short session on thesession on pronunciation, which is aimed atenhancing the understanding of the students.The students attend the assessmentsession, which will help them inclarifying their doubts individually.2Grammarlessons5minutesA short introductionto the grammarThe introduction to the grammar that the teacheris aiming to teach to the students will help thestudents in preparing for the class. The teacher, inthis step, provides a short outline of the contextthat will be considered for the class.The students are required to beattentive during the discussion inorder to understand the differentconcepts of the grammar that isbeing introduced to them.© 2015 TEFL Academy. All Rights reserved.
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