Brands That are Making Use of Social Media

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AuthorSignificantfinding/sFrameworkusedMethodsContextGapsforwardedC Ashley,TTuten(2015)1.Thevariousmethodsof howconsumers can beengagedwith theuse ofsocialmedia toreflecttheirpreferences for thedifferentbrandshave beenresearched. Theextent bywhichsocialmedia(rangingfrom useof blogs,portals fordiscussion, websitesof thebrands,presenceof thebrands onexternalnetworklikeFacebookandInstagram,Twitter,Use ofYou tubeforadvertising theproduct soas toattractcustomersas well astheredressalportal ofthe brandsUse of SocialmediaIn order todeal with thequestion inresearch, acontentanalysis(which isuseful forunderstanding theinformationon televisionadvertisements,websites)has beenused to getthe factsrelating tothe effortsmade bydifferentbrandsthrough theuse of socialmedia.A sample ofcontent forthe topmost100 valuedbrands fromthe equity listof brand havebeenrecognizedand exploredfor research.The majordrawback ofthis study isthat it reliedonly on twolists (themaven intheEngagementdb Report aswell as thelist ofwinners inAwardsprogram ofForresterGroundwell) to identifythe bestperformingbrand onsocialmedia. Inthe furtherresearch,more brandsthat aremaking useof socialmedia tointeract withtheir clientscan beincorporatedi.e. in thefutureresearchstudycontentanalysis ofarbitrarysample ofbrandefforts onsocial mediacan beundertaken.
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