Loci Technique- Memory Strategy

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Loci technique enhancing the memorystrategy for the long term
Abstract:The loci method is used to enhance the memory capacity as well as to retrieve thoseinformation which is being stored in the memory. It is also described as the memory journeyor the mind palace technique. It is also noted that the when the memory it is important toreview the structural mechanism. This method is the oldest strategy. This process issucceeded in the serial recalling process which involves in memory. The levels of processingis the most integral part regarding the subject. The implicit memory and the levels of theprocessing is found only in the explicit memory tests. Memory could be either the short termor the long term based on the capacity. In this research paper the two end results are beingcompared such as before memorizing and the next step is the process involved in therecalling. When the experiment is being conducted the memory method loci is said to be aneffective one among all the strategies. It is being obtained at the survival condition. All thestrategies which describes the memory is always unclear even at the survival condition. Thereal life applications also requires the deeper processing of the information. There are threeexamples which are related to the levels of processing are reworking, method of loci andimagery. The Craig and Lockhart, 1972 also summaries the various approaches in to processthe experiment which always requires the attention, rehearsal and the encoding and finally theretrieval representation of the system.IntroductionIt is stated that the survival processing is also an effective type of the processingwhich is related to the memory. Among various techniques which is being involved in loci,the oldest and the most famous technique is the mnemo-technique. This method comprises ofthe three stages. From these methods it’s clear that the method of loci works well. Theadvantage of this method is most reflected only when the material or the text is being placedorally or in the written format.In this method it involves in the encoding hypothesis where it’s been connected to thereal world objects. Within minutes the memory palace could be built by using this technique.The technique such as the technique which is used to hold the free speeches and its beingconnected by the key points. This type of the method of loci is always being associated withthe memory championships. This method if the loci is used to avoid the confusion and its bestto decide the certain direction. It is also important to change the perspective on the locationsand to change locations. And also it automatically happens. It is also very easy to create and
it’s ideal to memorize the information. The mnemonics device is designed to be a trick toremember the things so easily. The other techniques which is complicated than the mnemonicis the mind palace technique. This technique is being invented by the Greek poet. Variouspersonalities used this type of the technique for memorizing of the informationThe Literature review has been conducted on this topic such as Craik & Tulving hasset in order to test the various levels of processing. By this processing it is possible to thinkabout the person and various experiments were also conducted. Here the deeper levels ofprocessing also results in better memories. This type of processing is much vague and thiscould not be observed. The author has explained how Craik and Lockhart also arguedregarding the deep processing which has deeper coding and the better retention since it’smore elaborate. The research has also indicated that this processing is more complex and it’sbeing varied than the other levels of the processing.The information processing theory uses the computer model which is used to describethe type of the human learning. Here in this theory the information is being collected,processed and then it’s being stored and finally retrieved. It is also based on the idea of howhumans are processing the information they receive. The computer also process theinformation which also includes the internal states which even affects the processing. In theparallel distributed processing, the author has explained about the mind which also consists ofthe various units which is being connected by the neural network. The various mentalprocesses consists of the interactions between these units and also helps in the parallel whencompared to the sequential operation. This parallel distributed processing which is alsoknown as PDP. This was also the artificial network where the parallel natures of the neuralprocessing is being stressed.The theory of levels of processing model also called as the Craik andLockhart, 1972 involves in the process which is being involved in the memory. In thistechnique, it is used to predict the information which is deeper and those information couldeven last forever and could even be traced. Craik has even defined the levels of processingsuch as its something meaningful which is being extracted from the stimulus depending uponthe number of the analyses which is being performed on it. There is a basic idea which isbehind this levels of processing. It is similar to the multi-store model also called as the non-structured approach. The idea behind this is that, the memory is result of processing theinformation. The information is being processed in three different ways such as the structural
processing, phonemic processing and the semantic processing. The structural processing isused when the appearance of something is being encoded. The phonemic processing is thatwhich are being encoded called as sound. It is also said to a type of the rehearsal which takesplace in the multi-store model. The deep processing involves the semantic processing. Thisprocessing occurs when the encoding is related to the similar word. It is also said that theEysenck has claimed regarding the levels of processing theory which also describes the Craikand Lockhart has also argued which is related to the deep processing which is leading to thelong term memory. It has also failed to provide the deep processing which is being soeffective. The studies has also link the meaning in the already existing network.There are different explanations when the memory of loci is being taken in to account. Thedata also supports the processing which is being done in the memory research technique. Thetechnique is also said to be the oldest technique to process the memory technique deeply. Inthe memory of loci is used to encode the information. This technique is used in three phasessuch as the first phase is used to select the memories the series of the words and the variouslocations. In the second phase, the subjected is being created for each of the item and thoseare being remembered in the loci logic. And in the third phase the retrieval is done by usingthe loci pathway and those series of the words and the various locations are beingremembered. In order to find out or retrieve the information the user needs to follow a thingstwice such as to visualize the words and that needs to be placed in front of the user. There isalso a different deal in order to prove that the memory loci also works well. The memory lociis being demonstrated and it’s being presented in the critical variable. There are lots ofadvantages which are being involved in the method of loci. The things which needs to beremembered needs to be shown in front either it needs to be in written format. This methodhowever involves in the encoding options. It also reduces the retrieval competition. It is alsoneeds to be best encoding option and also the best strategy. This method also helps in recallof the things that has been stored in the memory. It is also necessary to encourage theparticipants in order to think in better way. In order to analyse the effects, the replication onthe results is also done. This is also tried with the various material and the series of the words.The survival processing is also effective method is called as the memory of loci. This methodalso has the beneficiary on the memory such that it involves in the survival processingmethod. It is also an advantage since it facilitates the concept and it’s even helpful inrecalling. A second experiment is being done in order to influence the processing called asthe survival processing. In the memory of loci the encoding richness helps in the hypothesis
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