Advertising and Promotion in Business Assignment

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LondonSchoolof Science & TechnologyQualificationUnit number and titlePearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma inBusiness(QCF)UNIT 18:Advertising and Promotion in BusinessLevel 4Student name and ID numberAssessor nameTatah AmenonyohDate issuedCompletion dateSubmitted on18thSeptember 201513thDecember 2015 by 5.00pmInternal VerifierDr George PanagiotouAssignment titleWestfield-Stratford CityInstructionsAn electronic copy of your assessmentmustbe fully uploaded bythedeadline date and time.You must submitonesingle PDF or MS Office Word document.Any relevant images or screenshots must be included within thesame MS Office Word or PDF document.The last version you upload will be the one that is marked. Yourpaper will be marked if you have indicated this as your finalsubmission.Review the mitigating circumstances policy for informationrelating to extensions.The file sizemustnot exceed 20MB.Answer the criteria in order, clearly indicating the pass criterianumber.Ensure that all work has been proof-read and checked prior tosubmission.Ensure that the layout of your documents are in a professionalformat with font style Arial, font size 12 for the text, font 14 forsub heading and font 16 for main heading, line spacing 1.5 andjustified.Use the Harvard referencing system; otherwise it will beconsidered as plagiarised work.Ensure that you back-up your work regularly and apply versioncontrol to your documents.Ensure that any file you upload is virus-free, not corrupted andnot protected by a password otherwise it will be treated as a non-Learner DeclarationI certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fullyacknowledged.Student signature:Date:Assignment Front CoverPearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business UNIT 18: Advertising and Promotion - LSST - AutumnTerm 20151
LondonSchoolof Science & TechnologyIntroduction and guidanceThis unitintroduceslearners to the wide scope of marketing communications and howthe communications process operates. It includes a study of current trends and theimpact that ICT has had on marketing communications. Learners will explore themarketing communications industry and how it operates. The learners will also developsome knowledge of how the industry is regulated to protect consumers.ScenarioWestfield Stratford City:Westfield Stratford City is a metropolitan capital for East London, a city within a city, aninnovative and dynamic place for a new generation of consumer to shop, to eat, tomeet, to be entertained and to stay.At the gateway to the Olympic Park, with spectacular views over London, WestfieldStratford City opens up a whole new vantage point to the public, a new way to see andexperience the City.Celebrating the passion and dynamism of East London, Westfield Stratford Cityembraces its unique East End roots. Working with local artists they have commissionedan array of work which has been built into the fabric of the centre. ( one of the world's largest retail property groups, Westfield recognises that itsproperties, through their design, construction and operation, can result inenvironmental impacts. They are, therefore, committed to operating the business moreefficiently, using energy wisely, producing less waste, and building and redevelopingshopping centres that make the most of technology and new design techniques tominimise their impact on the environment.At Westfield Stratford City, they are working hard to deliver on this commitment bycontinuously improving the way they operate the shopping centre day-to-day. In July2013, they were awarded ISO14001 accreditation for their environmental managementsystem in recognition of this. The environmental focus areas include the following:Waste •Energy •Water •Biodiversity( tasks and questions below need to be addressed fully for you to achieve a pass inthis paper.In addition, you will need to address the merit and distinctions within your answers toachieve a merit and a distinction.Read the scenarios thoroughly.Three years after the Olympic games, Central Management Boards observation is that,Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business UNIT 18: Advertising and Promotion - LSST - AutumnTerm 20152PLEASE REMEMBERCHECK THAT YOUR ANSWERS MEET THE CRITERIACOMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA AS YOU GO ALONGDO NOT LEAVE THINGS TO THE LAST MINUTE
LondonSchoolof Science & TechnologyTasksYou are the newly appointed a Trainee Advertising and Promotion Manager andhave been asked by the board to carry out two initial tasksTask One- Write a report to explain the process of communication, regulations,trends, the impact of ICT, branding and the role of integrated strategy inAdvertising and Promotion.Task Two-Prepare a Plan and PowerPoint Presentation for the SeniorManagement Team, business owners in Westfield and other internal stakeholders,explaining the primary techniques associated with below-the-line methods andprepare a promotional plan for the shopping complex. Include a power pointpresentation of planned activities (schedule of activities) and resources needed forPearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business UNIT 18: Advertising and Promotion - LSST - AutumnTerm 20153
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