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Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms
Executive SummaryIn recent time data and information is knowledge and knowledge is power and invariably powerconverts into money. Now the more the data you have the more money you make. It is proved thatdata & information both work as a support system for both consumer and business. TIBCO andTableau is a powerful and well rounded platform with deployment and development capabilities.The main problem arises when privacy is invaded, as well as sensitive information and data is lostand stored. Due to this individual or company security and privacy ethics become very vulnerable.Many of the business houses use so many advanced algorithmic analysis to extract data andinformation so that they can use it to spot the trends of the market and also prevent the differentethical issues. The way nowadays people use the internet, it is a very high probability that someoneout there knows more about the people than people know about himself. Misuse of information isalso coming under major risk. The information which is obtained ethically can be used for differentunethical purposes. If any one want to bring togather all the facilities in one umbrella then it isTIBCO and Tableau. Here in this report ,all things are going to explain about magic quadrant foranalytics and Business Intelligence using SWOT analysis.
IntroductionIn recent times due to rise in use of new internet and computer technology in every sector of life,increases the problems related to the security and privacy of data and information during theirtransmission period. Today in modern times so many people are working on distribution, collection,and execution of data as well as information in every business they do. Due to this at the same time,we are facing so many problems in this information age. As we know that data and information isresponsible for the formation of intellectual property by which people craft their lives and securetheir privacy and dignity. Personal data and information related to legal problems are collected bycourt and other legal authority. Change from paper to electronic or digital record needs a change inthe security methods and various security measures to prevent this type of threat. The socialproblem caused due to this can be solved with full dignity in this information age. In this there areso many different types of ethical issues are present.Gartnerreport always praises TIBICO andTableau tools. According to Gartner analysis and business intelligence,TIBCO and Tableauarepowerful and well rounded tools for big data analytics. Due to its end to end and deploymentabilities , TIBCO and Tableau manage the data center of IOT analytics.Data Sources And ManagementNowadays the amount of data in the world has been increasing at an exponential rate andexperiencing the growth of 50% per year. Due to this Data-set become so large and complex whichleads to the emergence of new database management tools such as 1)Open Innovations 2)Open Data3)Open Source(e.g Hadoop). There are also three main characteristics of big data i)volume(dataquantity)(ii)Velocity(Data Speed) (iii)Variety(Datatypes) (P. Church, 2013)A big player from the web like Facebook, Google and Amazon handled their data based uponcustomer interactions with their services. They develop many big data tools to collect, store andanalyze large quantities of data like Dynamo DB, Big Table, Cassandra, and Hadoop. Facebook is apopular social network with 1.2 billion users worldwide. Apart from google, facebook is the onlycompany which stores a high level of detailed customer information. To increase the result of datacollections agencies and researchers has access to many more variables which are strictly needed toanswer their original hypothesis. So many times the collected data are not fully explored or used bythe original research team due to the limitation in time, interest or resources. (Y. Liu,2014)SWOT Analysis Of Tableau And TIBCO Platform
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