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Running head: MANAGE MARKET RESEARCHManage Market ResearchName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1MANAGE MARKET RESEARCHName of the Research Report: BANANA VS EGGS AND BACONCriteriaRating [Out of10]Explanation forrating providedCover page: Title, Author,Date, Visual8The cover page ofthe report includesthe title of the reportalong with name ofthe authors and thedate. The cover pagealso states what thereport emphasizes onexactly. However,on the contrary, thecover page of thereport is not visuallyattractive. Theauthor has failed tomake the cover pagevisually attractivethereby, minimizingthevisualattractiveness.Moreover,mentioning thecountryofconducting theresearch would havebeen appropriate. Executive Summary:purpose of research,methodology, key findings9The executive isprecise and accurate,as the author is ableto summarize theentire concept of thepaper in this portion.The author hasmentioned thefactors that wereconsidered whileconducting theresearch. The authorhas also mentionedthe site of datacollection. Theauthorhassuccessfully
2MANAGE MARKET RESEARCHdescribed thepurpose of theresearch thereby,enlightening thereaders about thepurpose of theresearch. Finally,researcher has alsostated the findings ofthe paper along withconcluding thefindings. Introduction: Context ofResearch, why it wasundertaken6The introduction ofthe research paper isvery precise. As aresult, the reader hasfailed in providingan in-depthknowledge andunderstanding of theresearch. Theintroduction lackssuitable backgroundof the study and ismore like a miniexecutive summary.The author hasmentioned thatcharacters wereconsidered forcomparison but hasfailed to mention thecharactersspecifically.Moreover,mentioning the useof graphs and chartsis inappropriate to acertain extent in theintroduction. Research Objectives:Addressed by research6Theauthorsummarized theresearch objectivesratherthanmentioning themspecifically.

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