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Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution

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Added on  2021-04-21

Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution

   Added on 2021-04-21

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Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution_1
The research work has followed the secondary data collection method to pursue the
objectives of the paper. The secondary data such as the literary work that is relevant to the
subject and can assist in achieving the objective of the past along with the dynamic data that
represents the stats and facts of the green construction industry and migrants have been taken
into account to collect the data (Ling, Dulaimi & Chua, 2012). The reason for not selecting
the primary data collection method lays on the fact that it will limit the size of data collected
while collecting data from the secondary source, the research work can be done by taking
global context due to the large size of data. The philosophy of the paper is the interpretivism
philosophy which considers both the social and the scientific aspect of the data relevant to a
particular source (Da veiga, 2016). The approach is deductive because the paper has
attempted at evaluating the core challenges offered by the migrants (Indians) in the green
construction industry (Schmitz et al., 2015). The design of the research work is the meta-
analysis design while the sampling has been selected as the likelihood sampling method will
be used (Palinkas et al., 2015).
Why Secondary data:
The reason for selecting the secondary data collection method lays its basis on two
facts the first being it is time, effort and cost efficient. The discussed data collection is
capable of readily gathering data because of the introduction of cyber techniques and internet.
Additionally, the internet can assist in collecting the needed data at a very low or zero cost
while the effort is also minimal (Steelman, Hammer & Limayem, 2014). Cao et al., 2015,
Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution_2
adopted the same secondary data collection method to measure the effectiveness of BIM
(Business information modelling) in construction projects.
The second and probably the most foremost reason for selecting the secondary
method is to gain an insight in the research work and enhance the domain of data collection.
The author of the research work may find difficulty in collecting primary data at a large
geographical domain or global data while, the case is case of secondary data is alternative
because in this case the author can collect global data (Choy, 2014). Collection of global data
will assist the author to conclude their research work at a global perspective and not limited
to a particular country and hence, the selection.
Significance of Methodology:
The paper has discussed the research philosophy, design and approach however, what
are the significance of including the deemed sections in the research report. The reason for
attaching the discussed sections in the report lays on the fact that these sections enable the
readers to understand the perception of the author and why had they opted to research on the
topic. The discussion of the methodology will enable the readers to understand the mind-set
of the author for the discussed report and hence, is part of the research paper.
One of the core components that derive the research and even influences the
perception of the reader is the research philosophy (Hughes & Sharrock, 2016). There are
commonly two types of the research philosophy, namely; interpretivism and positivism
(Saunders et al, 2015). The scholars who pursue the interpretivism philosophy are derived by
the motive of deriving on a conclusion. According to the interpretivism, humans are not
robotic in nature who would react or whose decisions are based on the just stats instead it
takes consideration of their consciousness. It states that different individual will have a
Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution_3
different reaction to a typical scenario and hence, they and their perception need to be
evaluated individually rather than based on a common pattern (Hughes & Sharrock, 2016).
Hence, the deemed philosophy prefers the qualitative data such as interviews over the
quantitative data type. The deemed philosophy takes consideration of the non-scientific
methods to collect data and reach a conclusion.
On the contrary, the followers of the positivist theory believe that the social facts and
norms shape the actions or perception of the individuals. The main focus of the scholars who
pursue the deemed research philosophy believes that the evaluation of the social norms can
be summarised to evaluate the action and perception of an individual (Da veiga, 2016). The
preference of the scholars here is to keep themselves detached from the respondents and
hence, they prefer the secondary data collection method. Hence based on the discussion
above, the selection of the positivism philosophy has been made.
Deductive and inductive is the most commonly equipped research approach for
research work. A deductive approach follows the pattern of T-H-O-C which stands for
theory-hypothesis-observation-confirmation (Singh, 2015). In the discussed research
approach, the focus starts from devising a theory followed by making hypothesis which is
then observed for validity before confirming it. The deductive approach is of great assistance
for the research works that are done to evaluate a particular scenario. On the contrary, the
inductive approach follows the O-P-H-T approach, and it stands for observation, pattern,
hypothesis and confirmation (Schmitz et al., 2015). In the discussed scenario, the observation
is done before deducing or discovering the pattern and regularities. Following the
identification of the pattern, the tentative hypothesis is made before reaching the final step
that is the confirmation step. The deemed approach is significantly beneficial for the research
work where a theory or model or similar other things are induced (Johnston, 2014). The need
Challenges Green Buildings - Assignment Solution_4

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