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Management of Projects Group of ProgrammesFeedback to guide Dissertation ResubmissionVersion 4: 29/11/2017Note to studentsThis form sets out the feedback and comments on thedeficiencies and inadequacies that are to be remedied. You must read these very carefully,and use them to guide the preparation of your resubmission.When you have prepared your resubmissionyou must fill in the sections headed ‘student to complete’.Youmustlist the remedial work you havedone and explain how you have addressed the deficiencies and inadequacies set out.You mustadd the completed form to the back of the resubmitteddissertation. Failure to do so will be taken into consideration when your work is marked.You should refer to the Dissertation Handbook for a full description of the criteria for each element.Theaim of a resubmission is to correct and remedy the deficiencies and inadequacies in the original dissertation, and therefore the original project whichwas the basis for your dissertation, its aim and the original title mustnotbe changed.ElementCriteriaExtract from ‘Dissertation Marking Scheme Guidance notes’Supervisor to complete:Feedback and comments on deficiencies and inadequacies to be remediedIntroduction:Aims andObjectivesAll dissertations should have an abstract and anintroductory chapter.The abstract should provide an overview of thewhole dissertation.The introduction should provide:an overview of the project topic area, and itscontext and background, together with a briefsummary of the key concepts and definitions,supported by referenced material;a clear aim and linked objectives and, ifThe Introduction does not meet all the requirementsThe Introduction starts off strongly but the quality of the further sections does not match this - several ofthe sections should be significantly improved by taking note of the expectations set out in theDissertation HandbookTheabstractmentionsmany of the elements required but does not say anything about them. It is moreof a guide to the dissertation than an abstract. Include a general overview of the main elements withinthe dissertation, a summary of the conclusions and recommendations for future workIn what you have written about theproject topic area- as in many other places - the material is ratherrepetitious and similar points made more than once – re-read everything and try to edit out thisrepetition1
appropriate, the research questions or hypothesesto be tested;a statement on the significance of the project topicarea and its potential beneficiaries;a description of the scope and limitations;an explanation of the structure and content of thedissertation.TheAim and Objectivesare clearly interrelated - but the objectives overlap each other – re-write themas independent goals in more distinct detail – this will help in setting out the steps needed to addressthe aim.The Aim includes some discussion of the Methodology – this is not appropriate, so remove it (put it inthe Methodology Chapter if necessary)TheScopeis stated very briefly. It is not clear if the focus is solely on Financial organisations - asindicated in the Abstract – make it clear. State thelimitationsof the work.TheDissertation guide is inadequate. It states the headings of the chapters (in the wrong order) butlittle else – see the Dissertation Guide for clarification on what should be included and re-writeStudent to complete:List the remedial work done and explain what you have done to remedy the deficiencies and inadequacies set out in the feedback.The abstract was modified and present the clear concept of the entire studyIn the introduction chapter, the research rationale and the problem statement provide the clear knowledge of the research issueResearch objectives and questions are appropriately structured for highlighting the major issues in this research2
ElementCriteriaExtract from ‘Dissertation Marking Scheme Guidance notes’Supervisor to complete:Feedback and comments on deficiencies and inadequacies to be remediedMethodologyThe Methodology should provide:a justification for the method, or methods, of dataacquisition, investigation and analysis used in thepreparation of the dissertation; these should berelated to the nature of the project topic area, and tothe research aim and objectives.a description and explanation of the methodologywhich should be detailed enough to enable anotherindividual to replicate the study and achieve thesame results.TheMethodology sectionis long. It is extremely repetitious in the first part - and fails to addressmany of the required elements. It needs to be edited, taking the following into account.You write at some length to describe the various categories of research that could be carried out -and indicate the method selected without ever being convincing in what was done here. This detail ofthealternative methodsis not necessary – but you don’t have to reduce itHowever, thedetail of the methodology actually selectedis inadequate and should bestrengthenedThere are parts which may have been copied - without acknowledgement- judging from thephraseology - eg p31 references to "the dealer, retailer and the distributor" or p33 reference to "theschool libraries" and reference to an unknown acronym (LIS). Be very careful to avoid plagiarism.Make sure you know what this means and review the whole dissertation to eliminate itThe references are a problem– many of the sources are from the medical discipline, and their usehere is questionable. There is a lack of adequate referencing, with many unsubstantiated statements.In parts there is too much reliance on one or two sources. You need to resolve these problems – seealso the next section, which discusses a more serious problem with the referencesThere is an entirely spurious section - almost two pages - onethical considerations- which bearslittle relationship to this work – it is not required and could be deletedThesources of materialare discussed only briefly and without significant regard to their potentialvalidity – you need to explain more about the type of material you are using – and justify itThere is no information whatsoever on the search strategy or search terms – you need to include thisStudent to complete:List the remedial work done and explain what you have done to remedy the deficiencies and inadequacies set out in the feedback.The methodology section achieved the requirements and it includes the structure as recommended.Each of the topic is covered for developing a secondary research processThe references used in the methodology section are authentic and sourced from the previous scholars’ works.3
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