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Managing a Successful Business Project (Docs)

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Managing a successfulbusiness project
Managing a Successful Business Project (Docs)_1
Managing a Successful Business Project (Docs)_2
INTRODUCTIONDigital technology is identify as an effective tool which is used by an organisation topromote their products and maximise customer base. Digitalisation is more essential andsignificant for the business to increase their productivity and profitability within predeterminedtime period. In order to perform any business activity effectively, the role of digital technologycan not be undermined, they are shaping the structure of any business organisation over period oftime, Digital technology can also helps in efficient and effective running of business thus, it ishighly important that right kind of business strategies are being followed that will allow theorganisation to compete effectively as well as efficiently in the longer run. The most importantpart of of current business activities has been the role of digital technology in the overall growthas well as development of business. There has been various benefits that has been derived by theorganisation through digital technology.Continental Consulting Limited is an organisationwhich is involved dealing in business process re-engineering and has helped many organisationin SME Sector to completely transform their business process, in order to become even moreproductive in their overall business activities in the longer run. The company is having right kindof employee strength that will allow it to serve customers well. The current report will elaboratethe importance of digital technology within the business and its impact on the performance of thecompany over longer period of time.TASK 1P1 Project aims as well as ObjectivesThere has been vast changes in the overall market scenario primarily as transformationtaking place within Digital Technology sector. Therefore, it is essential that right kind oftechnological up gradation shall take place within the business operations, in order to servecustomers well over longer period of time. The various digital tools which can be used by theorganisation effectively such as websites, social media applications, effective storage anddistribution technologies as well as production technology. These technology will enable theorganisation to effectively manage the business and take it forward in the future. The directbeneficiary of these implementation will be the parties who are directly or indirectly related withcompanies as well as businesses. These parties can be internal and external in nature. Internalparties are management, employees etc. while external parties are consumers, investors,1
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suppliers etc. The current research project will try to focus on various benefits derived by smalland medium size organisation through effective as well as efficient implementation of digitaltechnology in conducting their business operation. The aims as well as objectives of thisparticular research has been laid down as follows:'Aim: The impact of digital technology especially Cloud Computing in supporting smallbusiness growth as well as innovation'Research Objectives:To evaluate the importance of digital technology on the effective execution of businessactivities.To determine the influence of cloud computing on storing and maintenance of data.To analyse the effectiveness of cloud computing in achieving overall business growth.Research QuestionsWhat is the importance of digital technology on the effective execution of businessactivities?What is the influence of cloud computing on storing and maintenance of data?What is the effectiveness of cloud computing in achieving overall business growth?P2. Project management plan that covers cost, scope, quality, time, communication, risk as wellas resourcesEffective implementation of various kinds of technology within the business wouldrequire proper research as well as analysis of various aspects of the business. If there will beeffective implementation of various kinds of business policies, it will enable ContinentalConsulting Limited in effectively understanding the needs as well as demands of consumers inthe longer run, which is essential for any business organisation to grow as well as prosper in thelonger run. For the purpose of implementing new advanced innovation, it is of paramountimportance to effectively understand the following factors:Scope: Effective execution of right kind of technology will help to fulfil the demands ofclients and consumers in more efficient way. Under the current scenario, there are variousopportunities within the business organisations which are prevailing and which will going tohave a crucial impact on the growth of businesses. Effective cloud computing technology willease the process of data maintenance and storage for the firm in the longer run.2
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Risk Management: Risks involve various types of risks in implementing the digitaltechnology platforms within the business organisation. It is the responsibility of organisation andits management to make sure that the overall risk is managed properly. Quality: The services that are being offered by the company to Continental ConsultingLtd that has given the organisation an competitive edge over others. The main task withmanagement of the company is to maintain the same level of quality over period of time and atthe same time ensuring that overall profitability does not gets impacted.Cost: The project will be completed by incurring different types of cost, thus a properbudget need to be prepared for the purpose of effectively completing the project. It is theresponsibility of the researcher to make sure that researcher is able to execute the project withinthe budget allocated for the same in the longer run.Total forecasted budget2017-18($)Particulars Technological Implementation Cost16000Expenses of Promotion4000Advertising Expenses5500Catalogues 1800Various Training charges7500Total cost34800Time: It is one of the most important aspect of the research. There is requirement ofspecific time in which every research project shall be completed and it is the responsibility of thecompany to make sure that the particular research is being conducted in the time which has beenallocated to the researcher to perform the overall research. Effective time management make suregrowth and development for Continental Consulting Limited in the longer run. Timemanagement will enable an organisation to raise the bar of its productivity in an efficientmanner. The time duration for the project shall be around 4 Months, under which the researchproject has to be executed.Communication: The level of communication within the business shall be managedeffectively within all the functional department of the company in the longer run. Without havinga proper communication pattern, an organisation will not be able to convince its customers in anefficient manner. Thus, right kind of growth in communication is required within the business tooperate in a competitive environment as well as to gain competitive rivalry in the longer run.3
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P3 Work breakdown structure and Gantt chartThis research project help an organisation as well as its management to gather right kindof information which will help the management to frame effective policies and make necessarydecisions related to business. The ultimate aim of the research is to guide the management as towhat specific decisions can be taken to implement digital technology within the business and itsimplications. Various steps involved in conducting a research are laid down as follows:Aims and objectives Literature Review Research Methodology Data collection Data Analysis Conclusion and Recommendations Gantt Chart: 4
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