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Managing Quality in Health and Social CareINTRODUCTIONHealth and Social Care is a service term which is provided by Health and Social care providers. It can be used in the context ofhealth infrastructure, public and private service providers. This service come under the Human Services. Qualitymanagement refers to the act of determination, maintenance, control and improvement of quality by preparing qualitypolicy and quality planning. Managing quality in health and social care is very importance because it is related to theprecious life of humans. Health and social quality impact the life of individuals and its families. Report will highlight theperspectives of stakeholders regarding quality, role of external agencies in quality determination and impact of quality onstakeholders. Report will tell about the existing standards and approaches regarding the measurement and implementationof quality and barriers which become constraints in quality delivery. Report will point out on the evaluation of theeffectiveness of processes, procedures and policies to achieve the quality standards and analysis the factors which caninfluence the quality. Report will suggest some points through which quality can be improves. Report will describe theevaluation of methods for evaluating quality and impact of users on these methods.4.2 Discuss the impact of service users on the evaluation process on service qualityInvolving the service users of a health and social care service provider firm in the service qualityevaluation measures will help in proper planning of the effective measures which will help in properassessment of the health care services and products offered by the service providers. The publicreviews that are been undertaken by the organisation will help in carrying out of the services which arebeen followed by the enterprise. The involvement of the customers or service users will help themanagement of health and social care setting to provide the patients with high quality services andhence it will help in improving the quality of services and thus, will lead to the improvement of theproducts and service qualities in an effective way. As the service users of customers will be satisfied,they will look after proper evaluation of the service quality and hence will help in identifying thescope of improvement for the organisation in a significant manner.The involvement process will also support the development of a positive perception about the healthand other growth measures which are been carried out by the organisation. It will support the healthand social care enterprise to tackle maximum number of complaints, improve their product or servicequality and increase the satisfaction level of the organisation in a suitable manner. The qualitymonitoring and governing bodies like CQC will also see through the involvement of service user intheir assessment in order to improve the quality of their services and improve their weaker areas.4.1 Evaluate health and social care service quality measures with regard to external and internal perspectivesIn a health and social care service enterprise, the quality of service measures which are been carried out by thefirm will be deeply influenced by the internal and external perspectives or factors that are been carried out byorganisation. This will include the following elements or factors which will influence performance of an organisation ina significant manner.External perspectives will include the online evaluation and rating process, third party survey and assessmentmeasures which will help in carrying out of the evaluation of the quality standards of the services or products that arebeen offered by an organisation. Besides this, the quality inspection and former customer reviews are certain measureswhich are been carried out by organisation in a significant manner. The external perspective and evaluation is carriedout on the basis of the quality measures and standards that are been set by different governing authorities. This willhelp in setting up of effective data assessment measures undertaken by the firm.On the other hand, the internal assessment like feedbacks from service users, reviews of the peers, and auditsthat are been performed by the management of a health and social care service provider firm. This will help inimproving the sales and carrying out the data assessment and evaluation measures which are been carried out by theservice providers in an effective way.Effective implementation of these assessment measures that are been carried out by a health care serviceprovider will assist in prioritising the compliant resolution and service user welfare measures in most effective way.REFERENCESFern, Y.S., Ling, T.C. and Goh, Y.N., 2018, May. Managing Service Quality, Emotions and Experience in Healthcare Industry:A Proposed Framework. InICMLG 2018 6th International Conference on Management Leadership and Governance.(p. 333).Academic Conferences and publishing limited.Jonas, J.M. and Roth, A., 2017. Stakeholder integration in service innovation-an exploratory case study in the healthcare industry.International Journal of Technology Management. 73(1-3). pp.91-113.CONCLUSIONBased on the effective assessment of the various health and social care measures which are been carried outby the firm. The evaluation of the perspectives of the stakeholders and role of external agencies is beencarried out with the proper evaluation of problems at the work place. Suitable strategies with the standards inhealth and social care with suitable involvement of quality management system is been carried out. This willhelp in the proper assessment of the systems and quality measures undertaken by the firm will influence thesystems, policies and procedures along with the evaluation of the health and social care service measure inregard of external and internal perspective and involvement of health service users in quality assessment isbeen carried out for effective evaluation of health and social care services.
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