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Running head: MEDIA RELEASEMedia ReleaseName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor note
1MEDIA RELEASEColes comes under pressure for egg safetyThe supermarket chain giant Coles is now under immense pressure for moving theireggs off from the warm shelves to a cold storage. This is mostly because protecting thecustomers from the Salmonella virus and matching the ongoing practice that the primarycompetitors are following. Woolworths has already assured for keeping the eggs in therefrigerated places as the nationwide overhaul regarding the refrigeration of the eggs in storeoutlets.It has been found out that numbers of Woolworth’s outlets have already installed newcabinets during the past year. The main purpose of doing so was to allow the outlets to keepthe fresh eggs in a chilled environment that is below seven degrees and it had prevented theeggs for spreading the harmful salmonella bacteria. Recently the leading retail stores ofAustralia has continued to keep their eggs stacked on the warm shelves regardless of therepeated warnings that this practice could lead to the increasing risk of outbreak of thesalmonella outbreak. The Associate Professor Martyn Kirk, an expert in epidemiology at theAustralian National University has recently stated that egg related outbreak of the salmonellavirus have been increasing in a rapid way (Angry customers turn on Coles, 2017). He alsoadded that it is very important for the supermarket chains to consider the egg relatedsalmonella prevention and keeping all the eggs under seven degree temperature as with theoutbreak of this risk, it can lead to serious illness of the consumers and hospitalization.However, at this point Coles is not disclosing the fact that whether any of their outletsare keeping the eggs refrigerated in a proper way, therefore it is leading to a continuouscriticism of the shoppers across the social media platforms. A random customer wrote on thefacebook page of the company that she will only buy eggs from Coles after they displays theeggs being stocked in a chilled place (Angry customers turn on Coles, 2017). Even some
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