Merits and Demerits of Mobile Phone Industry

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Merits and Demerits ofMobile Phone Industry inthe Business Perspective.Literature Review
EXECUTIVE SUMMARYThis is a literature review of the merits and demerits of mobile phone industry. We allknow that mobile phones are the indispensible part of our life. We are so dependent onthe phones that we cannot imagine starting our day without them. Main aim of this studyis to make know the merits and demerits of the mobile phones. Main aim of this study isto make know the merits and demerits of the mobile phones. This will help us ininvestigating the impact of mobile phones in the society and how will it play with thepresent culture and environment. They support wide range of services that can be cateredto the end users. They are easy to operate and functions as per the hardware and softwareembedded in the mobile system. Mobile phone industry has been playing a very crucialrole in the market and making the users satisfied with its enhancements. With each of itsnew version that is being launched in the market, the previous bug is solved and the samesystem comes up with new well defined features. The paper chosen for the literaturereview is “Impact of Mobile Phone/Smartphone”. A society comprises of people and isconsidered to be healthy only if its people are healthy and active. Mobile phones makethe people unhealthy and disease bound. This results in adverse impact on the society andthe surrounding environment. Mobile phone used in limit is of great use, but when thelimit is crossed, it poses threats on the health. Those diseases are not even curable ad itbrings with it some peculiar symptoms that are never seen before.It will be studied deeply and will be reported according to the requirement of the project.Let us go through the report of the case study and learn in depth about the merits anddemerits of the mobile phone industry.
TABLE OF CONTENT1.Introduction2.Literature review of the paper chosen3.Merits4.Demerits5.Conclusion6.References
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