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Power Efficiency Improvement and 3D Model Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Methodology:To develop a new technique to improve the power efficiency of a wind turbine from low windvelocities the authors of this paper have designed and 3D printed three different shrouds withinlet angles 35, 40 and 45 degrees to perform the analysis. The dimensions of the shrouds weredesigned such that they could produce maximum wind output from the available wind andachieve the best optimal design. This project involved three different tools such as PTC Creo3.0for designing, Cube Pro for 3D printing and IBM SPSS for data analysis. Figure 1 shows three3D printed shrouds attached to cylindrical shaped sheet metals through which the compressed airflows.Figure 1: 3D printed shroudsTo generate the wind required for the experiment a blower of 7 inches diameter was used and theexperiment was conducted in a closed environment to avoid any fluctuations in the winddirection and its velocity. Figure 2 shows three shrouds with 20°,30° and 35° inlet angle and theblower which is used to generate wind. Using the anemometers 30 different readings of windvelocities were collected both at inlet and outlet of the shroud.
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