Techniques of Motivation for Managers to Enhance Employee Performance


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Organizational Behavior
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Organization Behavior
Manager’s focus on the techniques related to
By giving emphasis to the article it has been analyzed that there are techniques of
motivation which should be implemented by the managers are discussed. In this, the managers
focus on enhancing the performance of the employees who are conducting or completing their
assigned task in Cerkerzkoy. The managers should emphasize the performance of the employees.
It is important for the employees to achieve goals and objectives. To boost the performance and
productivity level of the employees in the company it is important to increase the level of
motivation. Motivation is a tool which is considered in every company and it is implemented on
the employees of the organization (Daskin, Arasli, and Kasim, 2015).
After conducting a proper analysis of the article it has been evaluated that there are a
strength as well as weakness. The thesis statement is related to the techniques of motivation
which is considered by the managers so that proper implementation of the activities can be done.
It boosts the overall morale of the employees and also helps the employees to focus on the right
direction. Morale is the nature of the person which shows the overall growth of the employee.
By having positive attitude it can be easy for the employee to achieve success in the workplace.
The employees who are conducting their daily routine activities are motivated when
managers try to give motivation by giving incentive or by appraising. Incentive is considered as
an important aspect to motivate the employees in the workplace (Pinder, 2014). When the
employees get incentive they are motivated towards the assigned task. These are considered as a
major strength in context to the statement which is discussed. To improve and enhance the
performance the managers give motivation to the employees so that they can perform the acts
with their dedication and efficiency (Castanheira, 2016). Motivation is important for every
individual and it boost up the talent and also the capability which is possessed in an individual.
The employees who are motivated avail various benefits in respect to the incentives, security and
work environment. It has been analyzed that the workers wage earner has he permission to
elaborate their views and opinion in front of others. By giving incentives it can be a simplest
way to boost the morale of the employees to accomplish goals and objectives of the company.
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Organization Behavior
Motivation is a concept that induces the employees to the give towards the activities given to
them to be completed. It is internal feelings which arises in an individual and according to that
task are completed with proper dedication and efficiency. It is an attractive concept that help the
employees to showcase their talent and according to that they earn rewards and incentives
(Malik, Butt and Choi, 2015). The situation also states that the activities conducted by the
employees can be improvised if employees spend more time in conducting the activities. There
is a change in the behavior if comparison is made with the motivated employees. The employee
who is motivated will have positive behavior towards the activities (Dong et al., 2015).
The article also gives emphasis on the various factors which are related to motivation.
The factors are job enrichment, brainstorming and also the method related to the value chain.
The weakness in the statement is related to the level of motivation which cannot be
increased. There are many employees who do not perform well after motivation is given by the
managers. This situation can become a challenge for the manager.
It is important to consider the steps that can help to improve the motivation level so that
employees can get motivated and can also perform the activities with proper guidance. It is
important to enhance the motivation level of the employees so that right direction can be shown
to the employees (Wallace et al., 2016). The factor of motivation not only explains the capability
of the employees but also help to focus on the targets which are assigned to them. The
confidence level is enhanced of the employees and with it, the enhancement is also seen in the
productivity level (Manzoor, 2012).
Leadership is also one of the important factors that should be possessed by the leaders so
that it can be simple to guide the employees towards achieving goals. It is the responsibility of
the manager to create a positive environment so that employees can give their best. If the
working environment of the company is not good then it can be difficult for the employees to
reach their targets (Herrmann and Felfe, 2014).
There are many advantages in reference to motivation. If the employees are motivated
then it can be possible to satisfy the need of them and as well of the society. It is essential for the
managers to emphasize on the skills and capability that should be disclosed so that employees
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