Organizational Behavior Assignment Motivation Techniques

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Running Head: Organizational behaviorOrganizational Behavior
Organizational behaviorMotivation techniques taken into consideration by the ManagersThe thesis statement on which the focus is given tells about the motivation techniques that are implemented by the managers to enhance the efficiency of the employees who are working in Cerkezkoy organized industrial site. Efficiency is considered as a most important factor of the organization. If the employees are efficient towards their work then the organization can easily achieve goals and objectives of the company in effective manner. Motivation is also considered as an important technique that is taken into consideration by the top level management so that productivity of the employees can be enhanced in effective manner.By analyzing the article it is seen that there are many strength and weakness that has taken place in the article. The thesis statement is on the motivation techniques that are implemented by the managers so that the efficiency can be enhanced (Wlodkowski and Ginsberg, 2017).So the strength that is analyzed by taking into consideration this statement is that the employees get motivated towards the work if the motivation is given by the top management. Motivation techniques that are considered by the managers enhance the willingness of the employees to work willingly. Individual motivation differs from one another. If the employees are motivate then it beneficial from them as it enhances the rewards, job security and also the working environment (Weiner, 2013).Motivation is an effective way through which the performance of the employees working in the organization can be enhanced in effective way. Motivation techniques that are implemented by the employees are beneficial in many ways. It gives permission to the wage earners to discuss about their opinions and they can also share information in effective manner. The motivation technique has improved the working pattern of the employees in effective manner. By giving motivation to the employees the targets are easily achieved by the organization. The situation stated that there is improvement in the performance of the employees that are working in the organization. The techniques that are adopted by the manager’s give direction to the employees and also assist them to improve the behavior of the employees. By motivation the employees are able to earn an incentive that gives enhancement in the performance of the organization and by this the company can easily achieve its profitability (Bakker and Demerouti, 2014).
Organizational behaviorThe weakness in the thesis statement is that the motivation level of many employees was not boosted. So to enhance the level of motivation many effective steps and surveys are conducted sothat the employee can work in effective way and can easily achieve its goals and targets in effective manner. It is very essential to boost the motivation level of the employee so that they can give their best towards the work (Miner, 2013).It is believed that motivation not only enhances the level of confidence off employees but also gives enhancement in the profitability of the organization. If the managers motivate their sub ordinate then it is seen that employees can achieve their goals and targets in proper manner. It is one of the important functions that create dedication amongst the employees to give their best. So the leader plays a great role in enhancing the interest that is present in the employees towards their job. By motivating the employees they feel happy and satisfied with their work. It also creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace (Tao and Li, 2014). If employee is satisfied in theorganization then they can motivate others to work efficiently towards the work. By considering incentives the employee feels motivated. So it is seen the managers focus on incentives to maximize the level of confidence and satisfaction of the employees. Motivation technics that are taken into consideration by the managers give a direct on the employees to disclose all the skills and talent that are required to emerge (Reeve, 2014). It is a method or technique that reveals the capability of an individual to work. It is very essential for the organization to attain the opportunities that are prevailing in the market. If the opportunities are taken into consideration efficiently then it can give success to the company. If efficiency is seen then it can easily minimize the problems or the threats that are in the market. Technology is also considered if the discussion is made by taking in account the level of motivation. If the updated and good environment is provided to the customers then it can easily create and enhance the level of motivation of the employees who are working in the organization. There are methods that are considered like population and sample method in which the questions are designed on the specification of the individual and in the second section there are question that determine the opinion by taking into consideration the motivation tools. A motivation tool gives enhancement in the operations of the business. If the tools are used in effective manner to evaluate the performance in effective manner the company can easily achieve its goals and objectives efficiently (Buble, Juras and Matić, 2014).

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