Thesis on Motivation Techniques Used by Managers


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Organizational Behavior Managers take into consideration techniques of Motivation The thesis statement on which the main focus is given is based on the motivation techniques thatare used by the managers to enhance the efficiency of the employees working in the organization. The employees who are working in the Cerkezkoy enhance the working structure of the employees in effective manner. The positive outcome is very essential for the organizationto survive in the market. If the worker is efficient towards the work, then it is seen that they can easily attain the targets and enhance the profitability of the organization. Motivation Help the employees to do something and complete the task properly. It induces an individual to act in the dynamic state and also to disclose the ability of an individual. The method of motivation consistsof the wants and goals. Needs of a person is determined by its actions. Some of the need of an individual is to get facilities, more pay and also the opportunities like promotion. Motivation is something which is a willingness of an individual to enhance the energy and also to attain the goals and rewards. If we consider the article, it is seen that there are many weakness and strengththat are identified in it. The thesis statement on which the main focus is given is based on the motivation techniques that are used by the managers to enhance the working criteria of the employees working in the organization (Newbold, Carlson & Thorne, 2013).The strength that is seen in this article is that the workers who are motivated by their top management can easily attain their goals and objectives. The level of confidence is boosted if theemployees working in the organization are given motivation by the top management. The motivation levels of the workers are different from an individual to individual. The results which are attained by the organization are very profitable for the employees as well as for the organization (Miner, 2015). Technique of motivation is used by the managers so that the level of efficiency of the employees can be increased and also they can work with their full dedication. If the motivation levels of the workers are high, then it can be easy to complete their task and also to work in a comfortable manner. Motivation is considered as an internal feature of an individual(Costa, Ntoumanis and Bartholomew, 2015). If the manager motivates their employees, then the feeling is raised internally to work with full dedication and motivation to attain the objective of the company. The technique or the method which is used by the manager gives direct impact on the behavior. If the person is motivated towards their goals, then it is seen the level of

Organizational Behavior performance is also increased and if the performance level is increased, then an individual can easily earn incentive. For example : If an individual is not able to attain the goals and objective and the managers use the motivation technique by taking into consideration that person, then it can be seen the level of performance of an individual is enhanced in proper way. So, motivation is an important element to induce the workers or the employees to give their best towards the work (Healy, 2016).If we take into consideration the article then the feebleness which is analyzed is concerned with the motivation level. The employees who are working in the organization have no or very little motivation towards the work. The workers are not given assistance in their operations or in the working pattern (Demerouti, Bakker and Leiter, 2014). The corrective steps should be taken by the organization immediately, so that the workers or the employees can give their best towards the work and by this the organization can also attain the goals. It is very essential to provide assistance to the workers who are conducting their operations, so that they can feel comfortable and can complete their task on time (Robbins, Judge, Odendaal, Roodt & Robbins, 2016). The performance by the employees or the workers plays an essential role for the organization to enhance its growth in the market. The method that gives emphasis on motivating the employees is adopted by the organization to increase the skills and capability of the employees. The efficiency of the workers towards the work can help to reduce the risks that are prevailing in the market (Bozeman & Su, 2014). Employees should give focus on achieving the opportunities thatare prevailing in the market; it will help to enhance the growth of the organization in the market. Innovation is also taken into consideration, if the employees who are working in the organizationare efficient towards the work. The main element that should be considered by the managers is toprovide a good working environment, so that the work and operation that are conducted by the employees can be completed in proper way. There are many strategies that are beneficial for the company if taken into consideration. The strategies that the manager considers are sample and population methods, in which many questions are considered for an individual. There are variousmethods that are discussed in the second section of the article. In that various methods of motivation which contain the questions are discussed. The motivation assists the employees to enhance the working structure of the business. If the methods of motivation are considered by theorganization and also implemented then it is very easy for the company to attain the goals and targets of the company (Goulionis, 2013).

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