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Marketing Plan for McDonald's: Targeting Health Conscious Customers

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This marketing plan suggests revisions to McDonald's website, social media, advertising, and public relations to attract health conscious customers. It includes a company description, subsidiaries, media information, and a new targeted market plan.
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NAME: ORGANIZATION: McDonald’sDate: 8th July 2017
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SEE3045 Research AssignmentPlease use the provided template when completing the assignment. When submitting the assignment include atitle page with your name, date, and name of organization you have researched. 1.Research a Company from (please note all of the information included in this section should be taken directly from the Redbooks site. 150a.Company Name & AddressMc Donalds11-59 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 8AW, United Kingdomb.Number of Employees375000c.Year the company was foundedMay 15, 1940d.Location(s)At present the company renders services in 36, 900 locations where different customers are rendered services as per their expectations. e.Product Types Sold by CompanyChickenFishBeef burgersBreakfast (Mc Mufffins, Mc Griddles, hotcakes, spam etc)Beverages (Pepsi, Cocacola, shakes etc)Happy mealsDessertsf.Description of the company (in detail)Mc Donalds is one of the world’s largest fast food chain and its operations are carried out in 119 countries with 34,000 restaurants. Company was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1940 in United States. More than 80% of the company’s restaurants are operated and owned by local business men and women (REDBOOKS). At the time, when company started its operations new organizational structure was built where was segregated into four segment which involves U.S market, International lead markets, High growth markets and foundational markets. On daily basis organization serves 70 million customers and holds highest market share in the U.S. g.Note any Subsidiary CompaniesKrispy KremeAu Bon PainBakers OvenLondisMillies CookiesCafé GiardinoMartin McCollThreshersDairy Queen (McDonald’s Wiki)h.Report Sales (if available)$24,622 (millions) (UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION)2.Report Media Information 100a.Report or research all types of Advertising Media usedFacebook, twitter, website promotion, television marketing, radio, newspaper. In short mainly social media channels are employed by company for promotional purpose
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