SEE3045 Research Assignment.

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SEE3045 Research AssignmentPlease use the provided template when completing the assignment. When submitting the assignment include atitle page with your name, date, and name of organization you have researched. 1.Research a Company from (please note all of the information included in this section should be taken directly from the Redbooks site. a.Company Name & Addressb.Number of Employeesc.Year the company was foundedd.Location(s)e.Product Types Sold by Companyf.Description of the company (in detail)g.Note any Subsidiary Companiesh.Report Sales (if available)2.Report Media Informationa.Report or research all types of Advertising Media usedb.Report Advertising Expenditures in totalc.Report Advertising Expenditures by Media type usedd.Report Agencies used by company3. Review the website of the organization & review the design of the website, on-line samples of promotional materials, brochures, videos, commercials (TV/Radio), in-house pieces, billboards, mailers, and any public relations usage (press releases, etc.)a.Analyze the company’s on-line media center including press releases. How would you describe the news that is released most consistently?b.What overall image do you feel/think the company is portraying? c.How do they communicate this image? (Through the website, advertising, PR, & marketing, etc.? What colors, style, copy, pricing, pictures, spokespersons, options, etc. are used to support the image?)

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