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Research Report on Network Management

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Added on  2020-04-15

Research Report on Network Management

   Added on 2020-04-15

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Running head: NETWORK MANAGEMENT Network managementName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1NETWORK MANAGEMENTAnswer to question 1:The utilization of the network is basically provided by the amount of bandwidth that isused by a network for a specific portion of time. The normal utilization of a network for anEthernet cable is supposed to be 30 percent (Kim & Feamster, 2013). In addition, the networkutilization percentage for a wide area network is considered to be 70 percent of the total allocatedbandwidth. As a reference, the maximum network utilization for an Ethernet based Hub networkis supposed to be 37 percentage of the total allocated bandwidth. Answer to question 2:It is being shown that the average frame size of the data packets is 1203. This is areasonable average based on the type of communication (Kim & Feamster, 2013). As the numberof packets increases during the day due to increased connections in the campus, the numbershown is justified. Answer to question 3:There are several ways a network is subjected to an attack from an outsider. This sectionlists 6 types of attacks that can be used to gain access. The first way involves the scam fromphishing attempts. This involves sending emails with links that when clicked steals information.The next way is Trojan horse infections (Farrell & Tschofenig, 2014). This involves infecting thedevice with a virus to get access. The third way is detecting vulnerabilities in existing software.The fourth method is to bypass passwords and get access to the network. The fifth methodinvolves connecting to the Wi-Fi of the network and then attacking the infrastructure. The lastmethod is IP address spoofing.
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