Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Cognition - PDF

Added on - Nov 2019

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Notes for paper:Neural basis of alertness and cognitive performance impairments duringsleepiness. I. Effects of 24 h of sleep deprivation on waking human regional brain activity(Thomas et al., 2000).Aim(s):To test the hypothesis thatnegative effects of sleep deprivation on cognitiveperformance decreases brain activity in the thalamus and sub-cortical regions.Participant:n= 17 (mean age 24.7+/- 2.8 years).Right handed males.Study Design:7-8 hours of normal sleep volunteers.No nicotine abuse, low caffeineNormal range on mental state exams.Protocol:Refrainment from intake of caffeine 3 days prior to study.First test-Wisconsin Card Sort Test, Fluency test (Benton and Thurstone's Word).Second test- Cognitive reaction time tasks.Multiple sleep latency tests.PET scanning.Follow definite sleeping patterns.Measures:Polysomnography
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