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Online retail and services:Article 1:Online retailing has stepped in the business since years. This practice is not very uncommonthese days. Most of the offline retailers have their business online so that they can have largesreach. Most of the retailers have divided their traditional and online business. Online retailing isthe part of business but has become a different business overall for the companies. Retailingonline provides many benefits to the customers and the companies. In terms of retailing onlinethe company can cater the services to the large amount of customers and also easily pitch thesales without any efforts of going into the field. It also helps in getting the reviews immediatelyfrom the customers so that the changes can be made in the processes and the products or servicesaccording to the customers, customization has become easy by online retailing. The customerscan easily be divided or categorized according to their choices and can be served with thecustomized services according to their preferences.Reference:Gallino, S. and Moreno, A., 2014. Integration of online and offline channels in retail: The impactof sharing reliable inventory availability information.Management Science,60(6), pp.1434-1451.Article 2:Online retailing is growing with a very fast pace these days. It has been identified that the onlineretail sales have increased by 17% from the last 5 years and it has been expected that the saleswould be reaching to 23% at the end of 2017. This exponential growth in the sector forces thecompanies to enter the online retailing business, many start-ups has also been seen in their sectorand the modification so the offline business models have also been observed due to growth inthis sector. Relationship marketing is one of the major elements of this business of onlineretailing. This is because in online retailing, the customers is not there in front of the executive ofthe company and the company has to convenience the customers to buy the products, thus, it alsobecome challenging for the companies to cater the market through this portals that does notallow the customers to be physically present.
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