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BIZ301 Organisational Creativity and Innovation

Added on - 11 Nov 2021

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Organisational Creativity
and Innovation
Name of the Student
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Author Note
Business Description01
Market analysis and
Organization Management02
Sales strategies and Funding
Financial Projections04
Business Description
In the first year, the business will be formed by the company and the
idea to launch the mobile application will be taken in to account. The
market research will be conducted so that the gaps and opportunities
can be identified based on which the application can be designed.
This year will see that the business has increased and the customers are
providing their feedbacks based on which the application can be
modified. It will also see an increase in the growth of the venture,
which will help the company in earning profits.
The business will be able to flourish in the Australian market due to the
various marketing campaigns that has been taken u by the company. It
will ensure that the business venture is profitable and sustainable at the
same time.
Business Description
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