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Organisational Structure and Business Environment | Coca Cola

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Added on  2020-02-05

Organisational Structure and Business Environment | Coca Cola

   Added on 2020-02-05

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1EFFECTIVENESS IN THE BUSINESS WORLDStudent’s Name: Professor’ Name:Date:
Organisational Structure and Business Environment | Coca Cola_1
2Task 1: Organisational Structure and Business EnvironmentCoca ColaThe Coca Cola Company is one of the largest multi-national company that deals with themanufacturing and marketing of beverages like Coke and Fanta. The main functional areas inthe company are the human resources department, production and administration, finance,marketing, research and development. The company is in the beverage industry. The companyis relevant today as it is the main player in the industry producing at most 70% of the beveragesconsumed globally as of 2012. The company is a secondary sector. It is a publicly owned by shareholders and thus no singleindividual or organization can claim the ownership of the company. Several shareholders suchas Berkshire Hathaway Inc, among others, are the shareholders of this firm. The organization has a division structure that extends internationally due to different operationfrom the worldwide staff. Division are all over the world and sub-divisions result in regions andcountries consuming the services. The structure is beneficial to the company due to the increasein efficiency of work resulting from the division of labor. The management of the organizationabroad is easy and improved in the production of the company. Finally, the structure extendsthe services of the company, hence influencing the development and the growth of thecompany in terms global industry competition.Task 2: PESTEL AnalysisP:Political variableE:Economical variable
Organisational Structure and Business Environment | Coca Cola_2
3S;Social componentT:Technological variableE:Environmental variableL:Legal variableAn article by title: Strategic Management, 2015 Source: Rothaermel, F.T., 2015.Strategic management. McGraw-Hill.Analyses the PESTEL of JetBlue Airline. Several PESTEL factors affect the company such as;i.Economic variablesii.Social components Task 3: Product and Consumer DemandIPhone 6 is a product of Apple Company and is among the most consumed and proven to have a high market demand.Apple Inc. is among the top companies in the production of mobile phone. Their products are expensive but have the best quality. IPhones are the best quality compared to other models of mobile phones.The price of a new branded iPhone 6 costs about $1500 which is far much more expensive than any other mobile phone. The organization offers free delivery and a discount on the gadget for consumers who decide tovisit the organization located in California U.S.A.
Organisational Structure and Business Environment | Coca Cola_3

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