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Organization Design - Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-14

Organization Design - Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-14

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Running head: ORGANIZATION DESIGN (HR) A29169 1
Organization Design (HR) A29169
Organization Design - Assignment_1
Organizational design can be described as the formal guided process which integrates people,
information, and technology in any given organization. It aims at achieving the purpose of the
organization and through this process; the organization can act to improve the likelihood that the
collective efforts of the stakeholders will be a success. Managers in collaboration with the staff
define need and then formulate systems to meet these specific needs. The organizational design
process starts with the formulation of a strategy which is set of decision guidelines by which
stakeholders choose the appropriate actions (Anand & Daft 2007). The strategy originates from a
clear, concise statement of purpose, and vision and the basic philosophy of the organization.
After the creation of strategy, the organization begins in which people are connected in a
meaningful and purposeful ways. The human resource is the connected with information and
technology appropriate for success. Successful organizational design should be approached
holistically, and all components that determine its effectiveness include people, formal
structures, and organizing processes (Stanford 2007).
Impacts of Organizational Design
A successful organizational design impacts positively various aspects of the organization such as
communication, productivity, and innovation in addition to creating an environment where
people can work effectively. There are various indicators that show the success of organizational
design (Beakey & Rubin 2009). The following are a few indicators that may be realized after the
implementation of organizational design.
The time cycle for the development of high-quality products and services increase
The resources of the organization move more quickly.
Organization Design - Assignment_2
The business will adapt quickly to changes in market conditions and create a good
relationship between employees and suppliers.
Work is more efficiently done.
The right information is being directed to the right people.
How organizational design impacts and organization (McGee & Molloy 2014).
Improvement in the organization's response to change
Change is inevitable, especially in the today's business world. Organizations must change of
perishing. Changed is described to be the only thing that is permanent. A successful
organizational design helps an organization in remaining competitive by enabling it to be
responsive to change in its environments such as competition, technology, global economy and
consumer needs. The organizational design also helps the organization deal with evolutionary
development and proactive initiatives (Cordindale 2011). Organizational design points out that
people in the organization drive the process. It, therefore, clarifies the roles of each stakeholder
in the organization. It creates partnerships that which helps create partnerships, and this means
that expertise can be freely shared. The organizational design also improves communication in
an organization since the more the people become involved, the more the effectiveness of the
processes. This design helps in identifying those who work best which consequently leads to
high performance (Beakey & Rubin 2009).
Organization design helps in matching the individual capabilities of the management and the
employees to their role requirements. It is known that roles need to be staffed by the right people
with the right skills. It helps in a success of the organization since the company ensures that they
strike a balance of various capabilities and recognize that their needs for specific roles will
Organization Design - Assignment_3

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