Organizational Behaviour Assignment Project

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Organizational Behaviour Assignment Project

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1ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Employee engagement is considered being a workplace approach that results in theappropriate conditions regarding every organizational staffs for giving their utmost ever day,committed to the goals and values of the company, having the motivation towards the success ofthe organization as well as having an improved sense of their personal welfare. Certain factorsthat can motivate employees are associated with the aspect of recognizing the abilities, having asense of achievement, stimulating work, promotion, having a sense of responsibility andempowerment and so on. There are various ways in which an organizational leader will be ableto provide motivation and inspiration to their employees (Rumbles 2015). The most commonmethods that are considered being effective in this regard are associated with the aspect ofshowing confidence in each individual, encouraging a ‘take charge’ behavioural aspect, in whichindividuals are making things happen, encouraging the aspect to involve as well as empowereach individual, giving credit as well as praising each person that deserves it, fostering theprocess of working in a team as well as encouraging togetherness, assisting in building pride inthe contribution’s of individuals, encouraging the process of working in a team and for everyindividual in assisting one another, providing scopes in respect of every individual for learningnew skills as well as capabilities and leading as well as individually contributing to the growth ofeach individual (Mital 2014). According to Hertzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, there are two factors that are influencingmotivation as well as satisfaction of the staffs. The motivation factors are considered to be thefactors that are leading towards satisfaction as well as motivating the staffs in working harder.For instance, this might take into consideration the scope of enjoying the work, feelingrecognized as well as having a progression in their career (Moliner 2017). The Hygiene factorsstate that they will be leading towards dissatisfaction as well as a lack of motivation when they
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2ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR are not present. These include salaries, organizational policies, advantages, relationships withmanagers as well as colleagues. Although the motivator factors helped in increasing thesatisfaction as well as motivation of the staffs, the lack of these factors will not necessarily becausing dissatisfaction. Similarly, the existence of the hygiene factors does not seem to increasesatisfaction as well as motivation, however their lack gave rise to the growth in dissatisfaction(Martin 2017). This theory provides the implication that in respect of having the most productiveworkforce, there is the requirement for working towards the improvement of the motivator aswell as hygiene factors. For providing assistance in motivating the staffs, it is necessary ensuringthat they are having a feeling of appreciation as well as assistance. There is the requirement forproviding numerous feedbacks and ensuring that the staffs have an understanding in which waysthey can develop and make progression through the organization. For the prevention of jobdissatisfaction, it is to be ensured that the organizational staffs should be having a feeling thatthey get the right treatment by getting the most suitable conditions for work as well as fairwages. It is to ensure that proper attention is paid to the team and supportive relationships areformed with them (Pettigrew 2014). For the occurrence of true engagement within an organization, there is the requirementfor removing the concerns that are causing dissatisfaction – the baseline advantages provided bythe organization that will be satisfying the hygiene requirements of the staffs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the bottom-line of this theory is that themost fundamental requirements of the individuals must be actualized before they will bebecoming motivated for achieving higher level requirements. The hierarchy comprises of five
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3ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR stages that are physiological, safety, love, esteem as well as self-actualization. The physiologicalrequirements must be met for the survival of an individual that includes food, water as well asshelter. The safety requirements will include the individual as well as financial security as wellas health and welfare. The love need is associated with friendships, relationships and family. Theesteem needs is associated with the requirement to feel confident and have respect from others.And, finally self-actualization need is having the desirability for achieving everything that onepossibly can and becoming the best of oneself (Kelloway 2017). For instance, Chip Conley, the founder of the Joie de Vivre chain of hotels andHospitality Head at Airbnb, made use of the Hierarchy of Needs pyramid for transforming hisbusiness. According to him, there are many managers who are struggling with the abstractconcept of self-actualization and therefore, are focusing on the lower stages of the pyramid as analternative. During an employee retreat, Conley found that one of the ways for assisting with thehigher stages was to assist his staffs in understanding the meaning of their roles (Lyon 2015). Histeam was able to realise their job towards the organization and towards the people they wereassisting. The team was able to feel respected as well as motivated for working harder when theimportance of their roles was shown to them. Therefore, it is recommended to a manager that forgetting the best out of the team, it is required to ensure that the team is given adequate support inother areas of their lives outside work (Haslam 2014). He might offer flexible working hours forproviding the staffs with the necessary time for focusing on their families and ensuring that theyare paid in fair manner for assisting them in having economical stability. According to the Hawthorne Effect, it can be stated that it is tendency of certainindividuals in working harder as well as performing more effectively when they were gettingobserved by the seniors. It seemed that the productivity of the staffs had a gradual improvement
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