Alternative Ways of Dealing with Organizational Change and Development Issues


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Organizational change and

The case study mainly shows about the current issue
that has emerged due to the lack of proper leadership
skills of John during the project management
The leadership capabilities of John are not enough to
reflect on what and how the organizational goals can
be achieved.
The attitudes and behaviors as a leader have been
quite ineffective.
Due to this, there has been lack of cooperation with
the team members and retreat activities.
The company also lacked ability to allow the
outsiders prepare report on the ongoing issues

Issues arising from the scenario
There was lack of cooperation between the
manager and the team members and about the
retreat activities too
The leadership skills of John did not reflect on the
achievement of organizational goals and objectives
The somewhat authoritarian attitude and
leadership skills affected the team culture
It also affected the norms of the team and the team
members were unable to cope up with the project
Due to this, the results or outcomes of the project
were not satisfactory as well (Allen and Campbell

Alternative ways of dealing with the issues
XRS’s project team should be consulted with and
discussed about the issues that have resulted due to the
lack of positive attitudes and behaviour among the leader
As John was appointed as a manager of the project from
the first with no prior managerial experience, he should
have been trained at first
The unprofessional behaviour and from evidences
showing that he was found joking around during the
team meets, he should be made aware of the
essentialities of being a manager (Georgalis et al. 2015).
The higher authorities should take steps and ensure that
the values, beliefs and culture are maintained properly
within the workplace.

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