Overview. This paper focusses on the nature of leadersh

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OverviewThis paper focusses on the nature of leadership in an elaborative way. Also the paper highlightsthat how a leader can avoid being corrupted by power. It is very important for a leader to get freeform corruption as it will lead the leader to manage all the worldly affairs fairly. In order tocomplete this paper, secondary data has been referred.Given your knowledge of leadership theories, discuss how can a leader avoid beingcorrupted by power?IntroductionThe most challenging issue for a leader in power is not that how to attain their aims andobjectives, their motives as they have the authority to do this now but, it is to maintaintheir humanity, maintain their civic ethics and not fall into the clutches of corruption’.Talking of power,it is introduced to the person in his early days of life in this world when, askids, they realize that they have the ability to control their parents and elders through actionsranging from fluttering eyelashes for screaming fits and this makes them feel happy as well asgood when they get what they cried for. This power game, of being under the power of othersand finding one's own power, continues throughout individual’s life. The person finds out howone gain or advances power, like, for instance, bending the rules while playing games. At theinitial stage of the business, etc., in endeavours for seeking power, people may have goodintention like seeking to build the organization, help others succeed, serve the community and soon (Bendahan et al., 2015). In due course of time, with this sound purpose, they excusethemselves for small rashness and injudiciousness, as the minor means is clearly worth meetingthe greater ends. Manyoffbeatleaders start out their work this way, doing good and helpingothers. But before reaching the desired goal and covering the long journey, the power of control
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