PAK n SAVE. INTRODUCTION. write about the company and w

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PAK n SAVEINTRODUCTIONwrite about the company and what you are going to do in the report. Give some idea about it.BACKGROUNDThe company is the New Zealand’s discount food warehouse chain which is owned by thecooperatives of the foodstuff. The company was founded in 1985. The company providesgroceries and food at the low prices. The company is among the three largest super markets ofthe New Zealand. The other companies are Countdown and the new world.MISSIONThe mission of the company is to provide groceries and food to the people at a very low cost sothat they can access to it.STRATEGIC DIRECTION1.Current strategy of the company2.Suggest improvements and other ways.COMPETITORS1.Direct competitor- find the direct competitor of the company and explain what similarproducts and services they provide to the customers and how they are different from thegiven company. (Countdown and the new world).2.Indirect competitors- they are the ones who provides the services and products whichare different but have an impact on the company.POSITIONING STRATEGY1. The current positioning strategy of the company2. Recommended positioning strategyCONCLUSIONWrite what you have done in the report and what have u learnt while making the report.
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