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Running head: PESTLE ANALYSIS OF DUBAIPestle Analysis of DubaiName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1PESTLE ANALYSIS OF DUBAIExecutive SummaryThis paper will examine the political, economic, social, technological and environmental factorsof Dubai. It will highlight these factors to check whether Potpourri can operate its businesssuccessfully in Dubai. The ethics and social obligations of the economy are also studied in detailto find out whether Potpourri can operate its business. The macro environmental factors arestudied to check whether Potpourri can enter Dubai and become a global leader in the fashionindustry.
2PESTLE ANALYSIS OF DUBAIIntroductionDubai is one of the most populous city and an important business hub of the Middle East.The economy of Dubai is based on the revenue earned from oil industry. Dubai enjoyscompetitive cost and market advantages which has helped to create an attractive and idealbusiness environment for the fashion industry. It is one of the major trading and export hub. It isalso one of the major tourist destinations which will also help in the business expansion ofPotpourri. The trading partners of Dubai i.e. U.S and China will also help in the expansion ofbusiness. Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world. The macroenvironmental factors of Dubai are favorable and thus it will help in expanding the business ofPotpourri (Inhorn 2016.). PESTLE AnalysisPESTLE analysis is useful for the business organization to get an idea of the variousmacro environmental factors. It will help the management to know whether the business will beprofitable in that particular country where it wants to expand. The pestle analysis of Dubai willbe highlighted in this paper. Political Dubai is a very stable economy and offers a very suitable environment for any newbusiness to enter into their market. It is one of the most prosperous economies in UAE wherepeople enjoy a decent standard of living. Dubai shares a close political relation with USA andChina which will be an additional benefit for Potpourri. This will help Potpourri to enter into themarket of Dubai without any political restriction. The retail market in Dubai attracts manyforeign investments from various brands and thus it will also be profitable for Potpourri and

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