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Viruses: A Unique Organism Exhibiting Characteristics of Living and Non-Living Organisms

Added on -2019-09-21

This essay explores the characteristics of viruses that make them unique organisms exhibiting properties of both living and non-living organisms. It presents arguments for and against their classification as living organisms, and concludes that alternative methods of classification are required.
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PART AESSAY PLANThe viruses are considered as a unique organisms exhibiting the characteristics of living as well as non-living organisms. Therefore, there are a lot of researches and debates going on this topic. The essay aims to present a brief on the viruses and various aspects placing them in both the living and non-living organisms’ category. Intro: Presents the definition and meaning of the word virus.Para 1: The characteristics of life representing the various characteristics being exhibitedby the living organismsPara 2: Theviruses have been explained further thoroughly and further information has been added.Para 3: The characteristics exhibited by the viruses making scientist believe that viruses are non-living thingsPara 4: Presents all the other factors debating on the existence of viruses as a living organisms. Conclusion: Sums up the whole study
PART B.Virus- Why are they unique?IntroductionThe word “virus” is derived from a Latin word for “poison”. The initial interest was stemmed from its association with various diseases like rabies, foot-and-mouth etc. (Villarreal, L, 2004)DiscussionThe characteristics of Life:The living organisms are composed of cells.The living organisms require energy for carrying out metabolic activities which produces molecules that help the organization to sustain. The living organisms have ability to replicate on their own and can also perform the samefunction on a truly living organism affecting their host cells in the most profound manner.The living organisms have ability to grow.The Living organisms have a collection of integrated organs, for example in multicellularorganisms, various organs are present whereas unicellular organisms are composed of several structures or molecular machines. (Villarreal, L, 2004)The living organisms have genetic material stored in their cells.Viruses:The parasites skirting a boundary between life and the inert matter are termed as viruses. Virus is composed of the same nucleic acid molecules and proteins as other living cells

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