People and Industrial Relation: Challenges and Strategies for Effective Leadership


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People and Industrial Relation

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Industrial relations has emerged one among the most fragile and multifaceted tribulations of
contemporary industrial society. Industrial development is not possible without collaboration of
labors and pleasurable relations. So, it is in the interest of everybody to craft and uphold
excellent relationships between employers (management) and employees (labor). The primary
purpose of industrial relations is to fortify the employee-employer rapport by identifying and
solving place of work issues, measuring worker contentment and confidence, and offering
support and contribution to the organization’s performance management system. To achieve all
these, managers and leaders should be prompted to practice good leadership skills which suit all
and sundry.
People and Industrial Relation
The terminology ‘Industrial Relations’ consists of two terminologies: ‘Industry’ and ‘Relations’.
One can describe “Industry” as any productive undertaking in which individuals are engaged.
“Relations” on the other hand, implies the relations which exist within a given industry amongst
the employers and their labor providers. The terminology industrial relations thus demarcate the
association between human resources and management which stem unswervingly or circuitously
from union-employer relation. Human resource management (HRM), on the other hand, is a term
applied to explain formal systems implemented for the administration of individuals within a
given organization. It is worth noting that in order to ensure strong relations in an organization,
managers and leaders are supposed to adopt effective leadership styles which will promote the

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prosperity of these affiliations1. Most of them are in pursuit of this but unfortunately they face so
many challenges such as lack of dedicated resources, lack of modern HR technology to
streamline it all, as well as increased demand and intricacy of compliance and administration
necessities. Nonetheless, there are quite a number of approaches of coping up with these
challenges to curb them from impacting on an organization’s plans.
Literature Review
Alsamawi, Murray, & Lenzen, (2014) argues that industrial relation simply refers to the decrees,
responsibilities and employer and labor union commitments in a union work setting. According
to him it is a post-industrial revolution expression which substituted the term "master-servant"
applied to describe the connection between an employee and his or he boss2. Buble, Juras, &
Matić, (2014) point out that the leadership styles applied by a company management and
leadership team greatly impacts on industrial relations. All the leadership styles can contribute to
prosperous industrial relations but adopting the best one makes them more robust3.
What is more, as Collings, Wood, & Szamosi, (2018) hold, for industrial relations to yield
significantly, Human resource managers play a crucial role of overseeing the most imperative
component of successful business- a thriving, productive labor force. The HRM players suggest
to the top administration group how to tactically supervise people as important business
resources4. These practices include coordinating employee benefits, recruiting, managing, hiring
employees and suggesting member of staff training and development plans. In so doing, HR
1 Buble, M., Juras, A. and Matić, I., 2014. The relationship between managers’ leadership styles and
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2 Buble, M., Juras, A. and Matić, I., 2014. The relationship between managers’ leadership styles and
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4 Refslund, Bjarke, and Ole Henning Sørensen. "Islands in the stream? The challenges and resilience of the Danish
industrial relations model in a liberalising world." Industrial Relations Journal 47, no. 5-6 (2016): 530-546.

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