Personal Development Plan | The Primary Goal of the Nurse

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Running head: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANPERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANNurses have a crucial role in the healing of a patient as they provide medications,intravenous lines management and monitoring the patient’s condition time to time. Theprimary goal of the nurse is to take a good care of the patient. Nurses, nowadays, have othergoals to achieve.My primary goal is to become a successful and most responsible nurse in future. Ihave planned accordingly in order to achieve this goal. I could improve my handwritingwithin this targeted period of time and could perform better in my nursing practices. I cancarry out my attempt in achieving my goal according to the plans and improving gradually(Nakate et al. 2015). The journals, books and other resources that I am using as a guide toimprove my nursing practices are of much help and I could gather adequate knowledge fromthem. I am attending seminars and projects relating to the reporting and documentation and inthe process improving my skills. My effort in becoming an efficient nurse is fruitful with thehelp of these resources and helping me to become a responsible nurse in future. I have taken guidance of various books and journals in due course and improved myskill. I came to know about the ethics and laws that a nurse should follow while preparing areport and documenting. I am following the guidelines of the acts and the laws relating to thenurses practices and specifically those that are related to the reporting and the documentationprocedures (Kent and Morrow 2014). I have strictly followed the teachings of my mentor andtried to improve my skills. I kept myself updated to the new nursing technologies and theresearch works that has been carried out and tried to apply those in practical situation andhelped the patients accordingly. These approaches are of much help to me and I am graduallyimproving to become an efficient and responsible nurse. Clinical documentJournal ArticleBookPolicy/ procedureChemotherapy sideeffects are assessedby the toxicityEuropean Journal ofOncology Nursing"European OncologyNursing Societybreakthrough cancerA working group isrecruited and amultidisciplinary
2PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANcriteria. pain guidelines."advisory board isdeveloped for theguidelines(Wengström,Geerling & Rustøen2014). The purpose isto help the oncologynurses to understandand recognise theBTCP.The patient isassessedbysymmetric stiffness,tenderness, swelling,and temperaturechanges in the joints.Weight loss, fatigue,enlargement of thelymph node can alsobe noted to assess thedisease by the nurses.Journal of clinicalnursing,Patients and nursingstaff views of usingthe education needsassessment tool inrheumatology clinics:a qualitative studyThe clinical nursespecialist takes thedetails of the patientand analysed theproblems accordingly(Forbes & Watt2015). The nurse uses thefollowing methods toassess the conditionof the patient. Thisincludes observation,inspection, palpation,percussion andauscultation. Jarvis's PhysicalExaminationandHealth Assessment.The patient should beobserved thoroughlyand the problems areanalysed (Hardwareet al. 2015). The nursing theories help the nurses to develop the capability to understand andexplain their regular experiences. They become capable to understand the criteria of a nurseto improve the nursing care. The documentation on nursing theory and its application in theirregular practices states that a nurse must be focused on her duties and provide safe and astandard nursing care to the individual. She must keep record and maintain the documentsefficiently so that it would cause no harm in the treatment of the individual. The identified theme from the above documentation is the caring of the patient aswell as learning of new nursing practices which includes the reporting and documentation.Learning involves a complex process that deals with the personal, emotional and intellectual

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