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1EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONCommunication is an important aspect in the business world and its success is dependentupon the skills during interaction with other people. This following essay focuses on the self-interpretation of the communication skills analysed through the five diagnostic tools and twocommunication issues. Therefore, the following essay deals with the literature review that isfocused on key communication theories and concepts associated with the communication issues.Apart from communicational issues and skills required for interaction, required action plan isalso discussed for the better understanding and importance of communication in business. For the analysis of my communication skills in various situations, I have used fivediagnostic tools. Self-Perceived Communication Competence Questionnaire was the first toolthat is a measure of how people understand and analyze their communication competence whenencountered with different communication situations interacting with receivers (Akkermans etal., 2013). Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety was the second tool that helps todetermine the level of anxiety of an individual during public speaking (Batrinca et al., 2013). Thethird tool was the Personal Report of Communication Apprehension that measures the feelings ofan individual towards communication where the person analyses his or her behaviour in diversecommunication situations (Russ, 2012). Tolerance for Disagreement was the fourth tool thatprovide information regarding the tolerance level of an individual during disagreement andconflicting ideas that people believe it to be true (Kassing & Kava, 2013). Lastly, Willingness toListen Diagnostic was the fifth tool that measures and examines one’s willingness to wardslistening (Kaur, 2016).The scales were in the form of questionnaires containing significant and relevant itemsthat interpreted and helped me recognize my preferences in communication that were quiteaccurate.
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2EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONPersonal Report of Communication Apprehension This tool measures one’s communication apprehension comprising of 24 statements thatare concerned with feelings when an individual communicate with other people. The scores arecomputed in four different communication contexts like meetings, group discussions, publicspeaking and interpersonal conversations and finally an overall communication apprehensionscore (CA) (Boyle et al., 2014). Scores obtained should be between 24 and 120 and any score inthe four contexts above 18 indicates apprehension degree to some level. It can range from six to30 in the four contexts. Scores obtained between 83 and 120 demonstrates high communicationapprehension level, scores between 55 and 83 moderate apprehension level and 24 and 55indicated low communication apprehension. . The results obtained from the Personal Report ofCommunication Apprehension were around 75 that are considered moderate communicationapprehension level.Personal Report of Public Speaking AnxietyThis tool is used to measure the anxiety level of an individual during public speaking inthe communication process. PRPSA is a very reliable tool that comprises of 34 elements thatindicates anxiety level significant for an individual during public speaking. The results areobtained after the addition of scores obtained in 34 items (DiSanza & Legge, 2016). The scoresshould be between 34 and 170 and any score below or above this range limits indicates a mistakein computation of scores. The Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA) tool resultswere impressive where I scored 68 in the scale that is considered low. This illustrates that I have
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3EFFECTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONlow level of anxiousness while speaking in public meetings or gatherings. I have confidence tospeak to new people and address gatherings where I am able to drive attention towards me. Willingness to Listen DiagnosticAs literature suggests, listening is one of the most important skills where potentialemployers put emphasis on the listening in effective business communication. However, somepeople are poor listeners who are not willing to listen to others’ opinions and want to place theirown ideas during a conversation. This is the reason poor listeners’ claims their ideas or viewsfrequently considering them right. Therefore, this instrument was developed for measuring thewillingness of an individual to listening that comprises of 24 statements that refers to listeningskills (Blume, Baldwin & Ryan, 2013). A score above 85 indicates well as per this instrumentranging from 24 to 120. The scores above 89 indicates high willingness power of an individual inlistening and scores below 59 indicates low listening skills followed by 59 and 89 scoresindicating moderate level listening skills. The results obtained from Willingness to listen toolshowed that I have less willingness to listen to others’ views and want to project my views mostof the time during a conversation. I am not willing to listen to others’ opinions while talking topeople in meetings and social gatherings. I am at conflict with others as I have less control tolisten to others’ perspectives in large gatherings or talking in public.During the meeting where I had to discuss the business proposal with my colleagues, Igot infuriated when they were objecting my proposal and suggesting amendments. I was notwilling to listen to my co-workers and wanted to project my own idea in front of the gathering.Effective communicative skills is required that would help me to develop my listening skillsduring gatherings, meetings or one-to-one conversations.
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