Overcoming Challenges in University


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Personal reflectiveAt the beginning of my university journey I was feeling a bit lost with the UK universitysystem because it is completely different from the Italian one. I found it hard to adapt to it, Ifelt that it could negatively affect my grades and my ability to succeed in my studies. I waseven thinking to go back. But thanks to my positivity and self-confidence; as I startedworking hard, I focused on improving myself in all areas that helped me to achieve a highgrade and managing work at the same time to achieve my targets. I focused on developingmyself as a skilled person. I started attending workshops to develop and improve my writingand communication skills. I also started getting to socialise with people in university whichis not very easy for a shy person like me and sharing different ideas and experiencesrelated to work.However, I consider myself to be a good listener, punctual with attendance history and atask focussed person which is very important when you are working in a group.In one of my experiences while working in a group, I observed, that our deadlines was nearand the group wasn't working well because lot of arguments happened, but my focus on thetasks helped me to stay focused on our goal. Task focus has always been one of my strengthswhich made me stay on the right path till end. My organisational and time management skills lead me towards meeting deadlines andcompleting different task within the stipulated time with a very good grade. Being organisedalso allows me to work professionally and quickly. I feel like am more matured and professional now. Teamwork has taught me how to takeinitiatives and be a good team player. I feel that overall; it has been a positive experience. 1
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