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COMM 1085 : Reading and writing skills

Added on - 15 Nov 2021

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Persuasive Proposal
Your Name
Instructor Name
TO:Email address of COMM1085 Professor
FROM:Student’s name
SUBJECT:Proposal to study [Businesses advertising on sites that stream movies and TV]

Dear Sir,
Please consider this letter as a proposal for my research domain which I am willing to
conduct upon the permission and approval from your end. I intend to present the topic of my
study area demonstrating the desired field I want to research for effectively succeeding towards
my efforts.
Advertising tends to influence on the culture of the human. The topic of the research
encircles on the connection among the advertising of the media and their selling ratios via the
television and the websites that streams movies. My field of study and academic interest on the
probable influence of the customers by the advertising in the web pages followed by the
television advertising has led me curious to conduct research for the identification of the effect
of media advertising on the ratios of selling.
The main objective of my research is to explore the connection and the relationship
among the advertising and the selling ratios. The essential questions that I will be addressing in
my research will be:
What is the relationship among the selling ratios and the advertisement of media inthe
What is the role of the advertisement towards the creation of the demand and preferences
among the customers?
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