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Staffordshire University Faculty of Business Education & LawHand in location: (tick as appropriate)STOKEBLACKBOARD XAssignment DetailsCourse: BA Marketing Management, BA Human Resource Management , BA International Marketing Management, BA Business Management, BA EventManagementModule Title: Applied Business Research Module Code: Assignment Title: A Research Report Weighting 100%Tutor: M.AshWord Guideline 3500 words Assignment Timetable:Date Set:05/10/15Submission Date and Time: 06/05/16Expected Return: 03/06/16Learning Outcomes to be Assessed: 1Understand research methods that underpin business and management2Formulate research questions and critically develop a programme of investigation to address them3Understand and critically apply the ethical and methodological dimensions of the business research process and their application
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4Develop research designs using a range of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods to address business research problems5Demonstrate skill and understanding of statistical analysis and presentation using appropriate statistical softwareAssignment set by:M.AshAssignment verified by: Scrutiny PanelAssessment Brief: You must choose one of the options outlined below 1Produce a research report on a topic of your choice but one agreed with by your supervisor 2Produce an applied consultancy report. This can only be completed with the approval of Dr J Tong. Such approval will be recorded during semester 1 of the module. If you have not been approved for this route your submission will not be accepted.You must state clearly on your submission which of these you have competed For assignment route 1 you should submit an applied research report. The report should address a substantive and non-trivial topic and should conform to the structure shown below - Background; Scope and context for the study (100 words)Problem Statement: This section will provide the research topic, research question and objectives of the study. (50 words)Literature Review: Conduct and present a detailed review of relevant literature and or secondary information relevant to your research question. (1500 words)Research Methodology: Here you should critically present your proposed research methodology and methods. This should present and critically justify your strategic decisions on research philosophy and strategy and how these influenced the subsequent research design. You should describe and critically analyse tactical decisions concerning key issues such as population and sample, and methods of data collections. Describe howyou survey instrument was constructed and utilized in your study. Describe the types of descriptive statistics that you are proposing to employ and any use of inferential statistics that you are proposing to use. (600 words)
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