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PearsonHigher Nationals inBusinessASSESSMENT BRIEFUnit:15 Financial ManagementFor use with the Higher National Certificate andHigher National Diploma in BusinessBrief Number:1First teaching from September 2016Issue1
Higher National Certificate/Diploma inBusinessAssessment BriefStudent Name/IDNumberUnit Number and Title15 Financial ManagementAcademic Year2019Unit TutorMohammad Ahsan KhanAssignment TitlePrinciples of Financial ManagementIssue DateSubmission DateIV Name & DateSubmission FormatThe submission is in the form of a 10 minute individual PowerPoint presentation and 5minutes allocated for questions. The presentation slides and speaker notes should besubmitted as one copy. You are required to make effective use of power point headings,paragraphs and subsections as appropriate. Your research should be referenced using theHarvard referencing system. Provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system.The recommended word limit is 2,000 – 2,500 words including speaker notes, you will not bepenalised for exceeding the total word limit.
Unit Learning OutcomesLO1Apply different approaches used to support effective decision making.LO2Analyse financial management principles which are used to support effective financialstrategies.LO3Evaluate the role of management accountants and accounting control systemsAssignment Brief and GuidanceScenarioYou have recently established your own management accounting practice firm and havebeeninvited to make a ‘pitch’ to a potential client (choose your own choice). In your presentation,your aim is to persuade the client of the value of management accounting and managementaccounting techniques in informing decisions, maximizing performance and helping toensure long-term sustainable growth.Your presentation will cover:1.How the formal approach (using structure, systems, processes) differs fromthe informalapproach (relationships, networks, unwritten rules) and analyse it.2.Critically examine the contribution of internal (employees and mangers) and externalstakeholders (Clients and suppliers) to decision making3.Explain the factors which we need to consider before taking a decision about tomake(In house) orBuy inventoryfrom external supplier.4.Briefly discuss the impact of different constraints on production which could preventthe growth of the organization in terms of sales and production.LO2Analyze financial management principles which are used to supporteffective financial strategiesYour presentation will also cover :1.Analyse the key financial management principles required by organisations to achieveeffective financial strategies for long term financial sustainability.(P)2.Critically analyse the key financial management principles (M)3.Critically evaluate the importance of key financial management principles in supportingand delivering effective financial strategies for long term financial sustainability (D)LO3Evaluate the role of management accountants andaccounting control systemsYour presentation will also cover :3HNC/HND Business
1.Evaluate the role of management accountants and their value as part of an integratedsystem in any organisation.2.Evaluate the use of accounting control systems and their value as part of anintegrated business system.3.Critically evaluate the role of management accountants and accounting controlsystems to support a culture of ethical financial management.4.Explain briefly Why it is important to place a control in organisation internally andexternally.5.Explain that how can we use the financial management to detect and preventfraud .Explain the fraudulent activated and the techniques used to prevent and detectthem.4HNC/HND Business
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