PPMP20008 Planning and Initiating Projects


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Running head: WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTUREProject name: Our Language is ImportantName of the Student:Name of the University:
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1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)Our language is importantIncorporate of indigenous language into campus signsSelection of themeCost: $2000Start date: 9/4/17End date: 9/10/17Promotion of inclusion of indigenous perspectives and cultural awarenessCost: $1500Start date: 9/18/17End date: 9/27/17Reversing language shiftIntegration of language into the CQU university campusCost: $1200Start date: 11/25/17End date: 11/29/17Using of indigenous language into educationCost: $700Start date: 12/3/17End date: 12/6/17Requirement activitiesRequirements gathering for translation services Cost: $ 900Start date: 10/8/17End date: 10/15/17Requirements tracking document Cost: $800Start date: 10/28/17End date: 11/2/17
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