Project on Impact of Sales Training

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PROGRESS REPORTStudent Name:Student ID No.:Supervisor Name:Date of Submission:Project Title: The effect of sales training on the sales force activity
Introduction:The aim of this project is to highlight on the impact of sales training on the sales force activity.This study mainly deals with the importance of sales training for improving the productivity ofsales force activities of the organization. Sales activities usually vary among the businessorganizations. Each organization implements several types of product selling activities foraccomplishing their sales target. Some of selling activities includes negotiation, customerapproach, networking, lead generation and closing of deal. The process that were undertakenduring the months in each phase includes activity logs, lead tracking and reports on workpending. Activity logs offer the organization with future actions and activity descriptions. Leadtracking usually generates reports on sales level, productivity and financial data. Work pendingreport reflects the business tactics and listing of task.Phase I – (October 2017):Project title conceptualization and approvalThe progress of the report has been made based on the approval of the topic. The title approvalsheet had three topics – first is “Performance pay and satisfaction in organization”, second being“The effects of sales training on sales force” and third as “Change management in organization”and had been submitted on November 5, 2017. After the first submission, I was asked to addobjectives for the three topics and later the second topic had been approved by the advisor onNovember 6, 2017 because discusses the importance of providing training and to evaluate itsimpact on sales force activities. The other two are believed to be rejected because they were notspecific and did it not create a cause and effect relationship between the variables.
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