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Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010

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Project Audit and Termination Report (PPMP 20010)


Added on  2020-02-23

Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010


Project Audit and Termination Report (PPMP 20010)

   Added on 2020-02-23

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PROJECT AUDITAND TERMINATION REPORTNAMEOF PROJECTPPMP20010 Project Audit and Termination Report 1PROJECT INFORMATIONProject Name: A brief name to describe the projectDate: Date of current Project Controls ReportProject Ownership: Area responsible for the projectPrepared by: Name and project positionDistribution List:List of those receiving the reportENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE1The Project Audit and Termination Report is a tool used to substantiate to the stakeholders of a project that the goals and objectives of the project have been met and important items or deliverables have been produced by the project. The report is a vital communication tool that is used as the basis for ensuring that the stakeholders acknowledge the project success and accept the outcomes. Kerzner (2013) p582 section 11.35 identifies five different types of audit – performance, compliance, quality, exit, and best practices. Audits do not have to occur at the end of a project but can occur during a project as health checks and quality audits (Kerzner 2013, 1031, 1151-1152). The PMBOK (2013) p100-104 advises the process to be followed when closing or finalizing all the activities within a project. Chapter 18 of Managing a Successful Project with PRINCE2 discusses the PRINCE2 approach to closing. Not all projects terminate successfully; Kerzner (2013) also discusses the reasons why some projects are stopped (section 11.20) and the lessons for the project manager (section 9.1 p447) if the processes for phaseouts and transfers are not conducted correctly (11.21).The report is based on the contents of Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (2009), Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition (2013) and Kerzner Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and ControllingPlease complete this report for your chosen project.
Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010_1
PROJECT AUDITAND TERMINATION REPORTNAMEOF PROJECT2AUDITABLE CATEGORIESAuditable CategoryWBS ID and Item DescriptionApplicable metrics1.Performance / Progress1.1 Understanding details of theconstruction project Gross margin Cash flow 1.1Selection of the contractor Productivity Employee satisfaction 1.2 Contract to raw material suppliers Customer satisfaction scoreEmployee satisfaction2.Compliance 2.1 Administrative closure Setup of trade compliance Entry precision 2.2Scope verification Loss limit compliance Conditional rules 2.3 Project contract development Journal review compliance Entry precision 3.Quality3.1 Quality of raw material Productivity Total maintenance of productivity 3.2Quality of the labours Asset Rate of turnover 3.3 Quality or knowledge of the exterior designer contacted for the completion of Kerb Project ProductivitySafety ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE2Auditable Categories.In addition to the Kerzner (2013) p582 section 11.35 list of categories Directing PRINCE2 page 85 section 9.3.1 identifies that there are four metrics that may be valuable and included in an End Project Report – progress, quality, change and risk.Each auditable category should have a value to the project and future projects. Thetable below has been designed to reflect Kerzner and PRINCE2.Complete the table by identifying the WBS items that should be audited and the category that the WBS item falls into. Additionally specify what metric(s) are significant for the WBS item. Page 85 section to of Directing PRINCE2 suggests some metrics, such as effort, cost, time variances, value, defects, quality, number of occurrences, adequacy, etc. You may also perceive of other metrics that are important to you. WBS items may occur in more than one auditable category and have more than one metric that you measure them by.You may wish to write a short answer as a paragraph to explain what is required, rather than list each item. Adjust by adding extra rows or columns or merging cells in the table as required to show the items in each of the categories
Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010_2
PROJECT AUDITAND TERMINATION REPORTNAMEOF PROJECT4.Change / Exit4.1Configuration of project auditCommunication effectivenessCommunication deliveries 4.2Review on the acceptable products Raining participationTraining testing 4.3 Final documentation Proficiency measurement Benefit realization with ROI 5.Risk5.1Risk assessment Health and safety of the laboursGood quality material5.2 Risk identification Lesser productivity Inexperienced civil engineersor designers5.3 Risk management Control and procurement Control scope 6.Best Practices / Lessons to be Learned5.1 Project acceptance criteriaCustomer satisfaction Success factors 5.2Gathering data Relevant to the project Quick investigation Potential issues 5.3 Finalizing the project details Cost benefit analysis Feasibility study 3AUDIT PLANAudit CategoryItemWhen will itbe conducted?Who will conduct?Purpose (discovery or decision-making)?Performance / ProgressKerb project detail analysis At the very project initiating phase Project manager From detail analysis of the project the project manager and the project development team members will be able to understand about the actual ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE3Audit Plan.Managing PRINCE2 page 94 states that an audit review is typically undertaken at the end of each stage and at the end of the project. Kerzner in section 11.35 p582 states they may also be scheduled or at random; also that they are independent andfocus on discovery or for decision-making; and finally that they may be performed byin-house or external examiners.Identify the elements of the audit plan using the table below. You may wish to write a short answer as a paragraph to explain what is required, rather than list each item. Adjust by adding extra rows or columns or merging cells in the table as required to show the items in each of the categories.
Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010_3
PROJECT AUDITAND TERMINATION REPORTNAMEOF PROJECTrequirement of the consumers andcontractor as well. Expert analysis Initiation phase Project manager and contractorThe contribution of the experts willhelp to measure whether the project outcome will be beneficial to the consumers or not Performanceof the contractors Initiation phase Project manager The previous experience of the contractor will help the project manager to select that with whom the contract could be signed. Sub contractor experience Initiation phase Project manager From the experiences they will help to take proper decision ComplianceContract developmentInitiation phase ContractorWith the development of the contract the kerb project can be successfully implemented Scope verification Planning phase ContractorScope verification will lead to successful project outcomeQualityRaw material Planning phase Contractorand sub ContractorWith quality material the kerb project could be completed successfully Experience of the workers Planning phase Contractorand sub ContractorFrom the experience of the workers the kerb construction project will be completed successfully Change / ExitROI Planning phase ContractorFor gaining measurable success Cost benefit analysis Planning phaseContractorWill help to competitive advantages Feasibility study Planning phaseContractorHelp to understand that whether the project outcome will be beneficial or not. ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE4
Project Audit and Termination Report PPMP20010_4

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