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Project CharterImplementing Integrated Information SystemDouglas Springer10/3/16Project Management (10956)Roberts, Kim
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Business CaseHealth-Life Ltd provides various health services to the local community and to the patients who come from other cities. The hospital is running good and there are brighter opportunities ahead. It is expected that due to the improvement in the economy, people will prefer better medical services. The current operational procedures of the hospital can process only 20-25 patients a daywith the total number of physicians it has in place. The management sees good opportunities ahead and wants to step up the processes. The company will start the new operation at its new facility in the next premise. The additional facility will allow the hospital to manage additional 20-25 patients a day. However, the management is concerned about the effective management of the increased patient number and tracking all the records on regular basis. Moreover, the securityof the patients’ personal information is another concern. The paper based mechanisms of managing the patient data will no longer be effective after the commencement of the new facility. Apart from this, the management wants to integrate the entire functions within the organization together so that it can keep track of all the activities and get updates when desired. The management has hired a consultant who can help them overcome this challenge. The consultant has suggested the management to implement integrated information technology.Project ScopeThe project is focused towards upgrading the entire mechanisms of the hospital system. The new system will increase the operational efficiency and more patients will be handled well. The project will bring together the heads of various departments and will implement an integrated information technology. Mentioned below is the project scope that will be kept in consideration while moving ahead with the project:-Implementation of computers in all the five departments (Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Operations)-Online Connectivity of the entire computer system through LAN-Establishment of Cloud Service for data storage-Operation specific software development-Website and Mobile App Development for online appointment and patient tracking-Storage of patient data on cloud-Safety and Security ImplementationMilestone Schedule and Acceptance CriteriaMilestoneCompletion DateResponsible PersonnelAcceptance CriteriaNeed AssessedNovember 1, 2016Project Manager, Project AnalystEntire need of the hospital identified
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Implementation Plan DevelopmentNovember 15,2016PM, ManagementApproved from ManagementResources Requirement PreparedNovember 25,2016Project Analyst, Procurement ManagerApproved by Project ManagerResources ProcuredDecember 25,2016Procurement ManagerResources are as per the requirementsComputer ImplementationFebruary 15, 2017PM, System EngineersComputers have been installed in each of the five departmentsOnline Connectivity through LANMarch 20, 2017Network EngineersAll the computers are connected to the webCloud Service Vendor IdentifiedApril 15, 2017PM, Project AnalystSuitable cloud service vendorhas been identified and approved by the managementCloud Service InstalledMay 30, 2017Software Designers,Software DevelopersCloud service has been installed and runningSoftware DevelopmentJuly 30, 2017Software Designers,Software DevelopersSoftware designed and developed. Website DevelopmentMarch 15, 2017Outsourced #1Outsourced to external developer. Developed as per requirementMobile App DevelopmentApril 15, 2017Outsourced #2Outsourced to external developer. Developed as per requirementCloud, Mobile App, Website, and Computers IntegratedSeptember 5, 2017Software Developers, Network EngineersEntire system is integrated and working as requiredPatient Data StoredOctober 30, 2017PM, Data Entry OperatorsEntire paper based recorded updated to the online systemSafety and Security ProvisionNovember 15,2017PM, Security Analyst, Software DevelopersEffective security is in placeTraining and DevelopmentDecember 31,2017PM, TrainersConcerned employees are trained to use the systemRisks and Mitigation PlanIdentified RisksResponsible PersonnelMitigation PlanMembers leaving in between as project duration is very longProject ManagerShould have proper backup of members and staffs in case this happensCost and Duration ExtensionProject ManagerEnsure that the project moves
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