Project on Inspection, Testing, Commissioning and Charging of 33KV GIS Panels

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CompetencyDemonstration ReportCareer Episode 2
CE 2.1 Project InformationName of the project:Inspection, Testing, Commissioning and Charging of 33KV GISPanelsLocation of the project:Barmer, Rajasthan, IndiaProject Duration:JUN 2013 TO AUG 2013Organization:Cairn Energy India Ltd BarmerRole and Designation during the time:Electrical EngineerCE 2.2 Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the projectI joined ASMACS PVT Ltd in 2013 as an electrical engineer and conferred withthe 33 KV Gas Insulated Switchgear development project for the main client Cairn Energy IndiaLtd (CEIL). ASMACS offered me the project depending upon my expertise on the relevant field.Cairn India have three onshore terminals in Bhagyam, Aishwarya and Mangla and among themthe Barmer unit is the largest one. The Mangla site is in construction state but the Bhagyam andthe Aishwarya terminals are ready.CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe objectives of the project are listed below:To carry out regular site visits to get information.To predict design related issues and their rectification.
To carry out system modifications.To conduct walk down for particular system and raising punch points.To evaluate Punch Points Liquidation.To implement functional checking of installed equipmentTo design new operational logics in relays to enhance system reliability.To analyze fault based on setting parameters calculation.To conduct testing of electrical distribution and measuring equipmentTo construct system related checklists prior to start work activities.To effectively troubleshoot the distribution system to ensure minimum breakdowns.To compile all stage wise inspection reports.CE 2.2.3 My Area of workI was deployed for the commissioning of GIS system and for inspection of all pre-commissioning and post commissioning activities to ensure zero deviation from qualitystandards. My first priority was to pre guess faults or operation related issues that might arise inthe nearby future and rectify them without any delay. So that client had to target minimumbreakdowns after system handover. I conducted kick off meeting with the client to grasp theproject work scope, requirements, and company guidelines along with work safety procedures.Then I carried out site visits before commencing commissioning activities to become morefamiliar with the actual site conditions, project completion status, issues and for face to faceinteraction with vendors and sub-contractors. I performed quality inspection during site visitsand observed that most of the equipment installations were in accordance with ISO 9001prerequisites. Moreover I rectified quality related issues by ensuring the replacement of lowquality equipment by adhering to electrical safety and quality compliances. I made a visit to each
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