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PROJECT OVERVIEWYour task is to analyze, design and create a relational database for an actual existing business. The business we are using is Aisle Perfect. (www.aisleperfect.com) Information about the business is below.The submission will consist of two parts:1.Your project report, with all diagrams embedded within the document.2.The Oracle Tables resulting from your design efforts, and containing the items specified below in ‘Project Detail’.Your project should utilize and present the four phases of DBMS development:Planning: Some background information on the business; define purposes and needs of the database, required data, etc.Conceptual Model: Entity-Relationship Model, Enhanced E-R Model, Business RulesLogical Database Model: Mapping diagrams into relations, NormalizationPhysical Database Model: Denormalization, Set indexes for data file, Queries as described below.The following queries may need to be altered to make sense in the context of your business. It is your responsibility to modify the queries accordingly withouttrivializing them, and they should reasonable be about the same level of complexity.a)Number of product types stocked in the business?b)Total volume of products stocked in the business?c)Inventory on-hand for a specific product? (e.g. how many copies of a particular video)d)Status of customer accounts? (e.g. overdue, active, not active)e)Status of a particular product? (e.g. in stock, not in stock, ordered, discontinued, etc.)f)Search by product name or type.g)Display product detail that is relevant to your business (e.g. for video rental: producer, length, and rental price, one night, two nights, or one week) (include at least three such detail items in your query). You must utilize and demonstrate the use of multi-table joins (either left or right outer join).

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