Project Plan and Communication


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Project PlanThe table below shows the project activities, who is doing it, how long it will take, how muchit will cost, and dependencies on other tasks:S. NoActivityResponsibleDurationBudgetDependency1Define Venue1 weekTBD162Design Event LayoutProject Manager, Project Team2 monthsTBD173Identify GuestsProject Manager Project Team2 weeksTBD174Identify and Train HostProject Manager Project Team1 monthTBD175Identify PerformersProject Manager Project Team1 monthTBD176Arrange Food and Catering ServiceProject Manager Project Team2 monthTBD27Silent Auction PreparationProject Manager Project Team2 monthTBD28Arrange PhotographerProject Manager Project Team1 weekTBD29Implement DecorationsSubject Experts1 monthTBD210Arrange VolunteersProject Team1 weekTBD111Conduct MarketingProject Team4 monthsTBD512Send InvitationsProject Team1 monthTBD1113Arrange MusicSubject Experts1 weekTBD514Arrange Hotel DiscountsSubject Experts2 weekTBD1015Arrange MenusSubject Experts2 weekTBD1416Identify Event ScopeProject Manager, Project Sponsor1 weekTBD017Identify Event RequirementsProject Manager1 weekTBD16Responsibility MatrixProject SponsorProject ManagerProject TeamSubject ExpertsDefine VenueIRDesign Event IR
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