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Abstract—The abstract should mention in a snapshot what isincluded in the paper in terms of project overall objective, thestatistical procedures, and the final outcomes of the work. Itshould not be more than 20 lines using this exact same font.In this project, the aim is to perform some statistical analysisand interpretations based on the covered topics in Chapter 6from your textbook. The sample mean, variance, standarddeviation, median and range will be computed and interpreted.Moreover, visual data displays will be constructed andinterpreted which are the stem-and-leaf display, the frequencydistributions and histogram displays, box plots and timesequence plots. Finally, the selected sample of data will be testedto conclude whether they follow a normal distribution or notthrough using a normal probability plot test. All the statisticalcomputations, diagrams and plots will be carried out usingMatlab or Minitap Softwares.I.INTRODUCTIONHISis an introduction about the importance ofstatistical computations and interpretations inengineering. A table of the selected sample of data should beadded. Moreover, a description of this sample should be addedas well (what does it represent, number of observations, fromwhere it has been extracted from etc.). The sample size shouldbe consisting of at least100 observations.Again use the sameformat (font, line spacing, ...etc) used here. The introductionshould not be more than one column only.Do not change thefont sizes or line spacing to squeeze more text into alimited number of pages.Use italics for emphasis; do notunderline.TTo insert images inWord,position the cursor at theinsertion point and either use Insert | Picture | From File orcopy the image to the Windows clipboard and then Edit | PasteSpecial | Picture (with “float over text” unchecked).II.STATISTICALMETHODOLOGIESA.Sample Statistical ComputationsDescription of each one of the previously mentionedstatistical computations & their equations should be includedin this sub-section.B.Sample Diagrams/PlotsDescription of each one of the sample display methodsshould be included in this sub-section.C.Normal Distribution Probability PlotA detailed description of the normal distribution probabilitytest should be added here etc.III.STATISTICALRESULTS& DISCUSSIONSAll the computed results & developed diagrams/plots andtheir corresponding comments & discussions should becovered under this section (follow the same order of section II;i.e. you should have 3 sub-sections). This section is the core ofyour project; make sure to explain and interpret the results aspossible. All the figures and tables should belabeled/captioned in a proper way.IV.CONCLUSIONA conclusion may review the main points of the project, donot replicate the abstract as the conclusion. A conclusionmight elaborate on the importance of the work or suggestapplications and extensions as well as outcomes of the project.REFERENCES[1]G. O. Young, “Synthetic structure of industrial plastics (Book style withpaper title and editor),”inPlastics, 2nd ed. vol. 3, J. Peters, Ed. NewYork: McGraw-Hill, 1964, pp. 15–64.[2]W.-K. Chen,Linear Networks and Systems(Book style).Belmont, CA:Wadsworth, 1993, pp. 123–135.[3]H. Poor,An Introduction to Signal Detection and Estimation. NewYork: Springer-Verlag, 1985, ch. 4.[4]B. Smith, “An approach to graphs of linear forms (Unpublished workstyle),” unpublished.[5]E. H. Miller, “A note on reflector arrays (Periodical style—Accepted forpublication),”IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat., to be published.<Your paper title here><Student name>, <student number>, <student name>, <student number>, ...Project Report for GENG 200 Fall 20161
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